[FE8] Summoners and Phantoms [Anwsered]

Can some one please explain how to prevent phantoms from becoming playable? I hate the fact that it does that since I modded my game to be easier for me (oh, the irony, make an already easy game easier), and by that I mean I increased the growth rates by 100, and made every weapon indestructible (ala Gaiden/Fates/Echoes) using nightmare 2.0. Is there a way to fix that?

Nevermind, I was a massive idiot and changed the summon class form “Ghost Fighter” into a different one.

What i wanted to know was how to change a phantoms class without making them playable. Is there a way or not?
I apologise for being a idiot. >.<

There’s nothing in character or class data that makes a class playable or not. Just…don’t include playable phantoms.

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Thanks Tequila for the info