[FE8] Stones of a Divine Dragon V1.3.0 | Updated 12/7/18, now with Supports and more! More Chapters next update!


By the way,the hack is great bro,I have enjoy it so much,because my favorite unit Lyon is in it,:scream:,unfortunately game hanged after finishing chapter 8,it would be cool if you add more chapter in this hack,thanks for the hack,


Updated to Version 1.1!!

link is in main post

It’s been a long month, but there is Chapters 9, 9x and half of 10. For some reason Ch9 wasn’t in the last version, but whatever it’s here now. Below is the general changes inside the download is the full checklist of literally everything I changed…

I also hope to be doing Bi-Weekly patches wether that be small or big updates. Just to try and keep a constant schedule!

Enjoy my blood sweat and tears!


Chapters: 9, 9x, 10 have been added! Ch.10 still under construction, but you can half-finish it.

Ch.2: Duelists
Riley a female Pegasus Knight has been added! She comes with a Duel Lance and can be recruited with Joshua.

Ch.4: Ancient Horrors
Scene added after Chapter involving Seth, involving how be became a Crusader! Starring a favorite dragon…

Ch.8: Sacred Lake
2 Treasure chests have been fixed/added! When opened they contain a powerful weapon along with
a powerful surprise!

Ch.9: Blood of Frelia
Gheb is now recruitable.

Ch.9x: Coast of Fear
Can finally recruit Richie! Starts as a Bard who can use magic and promotes into Sage/Wizard! Not to mention he can also Play his instrument to revitalize his allies!
Wizards are dark mages who value skill and speed over the raw damage from Druids.


Added Hawk Knight! Promotion from Pegasus Knight, more defensive option and comes with Lances + Bows.
Added Griffon Lord! Promotion from Wyvern Riders and replaces Wyvern Knights. Same stats and everything else.
(Wyvern Riders sprites now accurately hold Axes!).

Griffon Lord

Hawk Knight

Brigands/Pirates now promote into Chieftain/Marauder. Instead of Warrior/Chieftain.
Pegasus knights now promote into Falcoknights/Hawk Knights. Instead of Falco/Wyvern Kn.
Huntress (Female Archer) now promotes into Hawk Knight/Sacean. Instead of Sniper/Sacean.

Captain enemies now have sprites! Now they are even more threatening!

Riev now can use Dark Magic when he joins!
Riev no longer starts with Light, replaced with Flux. (Still starts with Holy Light).
Lyon no longer starts with Flux, now Heal Staff! (Still starts with Grave!).

Ewan can’t use Light Magic Pre-Promote anymore.

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why not full game ups? why always version?


I hope you know that none of us make any sort of money for making these hacks, and they do take a lot of time and effort to create. Most don’t ever reach a true “completed” state. A lot of us are in school or working jobs or living real lives and do this on the side, much like other people might draw, paint, write, whatever. We release versions because the projects aren’t completed, and many likely won’t ever be completed, but we still want other people to be able to enjoy what work we do have done. If you don’t want to play an incomplete project, that’s fine, but don’t complain about incomplete projects from people who are doing this solely for their own enjoyment and artistic expression.



Chapter 7 seems to be broken in 1.1. There’s a marked tile in the upper left(though that might be an escape point for the thieves, disregard if it is), and more importantly, the game resets whenever the second unit I move enter their destination tile.


What do you mean by destination tile?


The tile to where I’m moving my unit. I give them an order to move and they walk there on the map, then right as they stop and I’d ordinarily get the menu to heal, attack, wait etc. the game resets.

The reset also seems to happen if I try to have a unit wait on the tile they start on, even if it’s the first unit I try to do anything with.

Enemy phase works normally, though. No resets there.


Alright V1.12 is out! download link main post

When FEBuilder updated it messed up Ch.7 so there was like 186 errors all about talking and crap like that…

The Arrow in Ch.7 is the Thieves escape point, I was gonna remove it, but since It’s an open desert map
you don’t know which direction they are gonna leave, so I just left it in there.

ANYWHO, these are all the changes I did in like 1day
These changes are mostly because enemies are getting really strong and hitting hard,
so I want your defenses to be a little higher.

	FE8x: Stones of a Divine Dragon
		Version 1.12


Ch.7 Northern Sands now actually playable!


Eirika growth rate: HP+5%, Def+10%, Luk-10%.
Ephraim growth rate: Luk+5%.
Lyon growth rate: HP-5%, Skl/Spd+5%.
Riev growth rate: Def/Luk+5%.
Natasha base stat: +2Mag, -2Skl, -1Def/Res.
Cormag base stat: +1Spd/Res.
Cormag growth rate: +10%Res.
L’arachel growth rate: HP+10%.
Ewan growth rate: HP/Def+5%.
Tethys growth rate: Spd-15%.
Gerik growth rate: Res+10%.


Deep Grave changes -2mag, +5hit, Stat bonuses now +4spd from +2mag/spd.
(Changed to match Rapier and Reginleif).
Dragon Fruit:
Now 2 uses (again), Growth rate changed from 10% to 5%.


Alright V1.12 is out! download link main post

v.1.12 is over the size of 32 MB.

GBA can not be executed because it has a limit of 32 MB.
Since 0x1650000 are blanks, I think that to erase from here.

If you do not understand well,
if you send me a message with discord, I will send the modified file.

When FEBuilder updated it messed up Ch.7 so there was like 186 errors all about talking and crap like that…

If the result of FELint is incorrect, please contact me.

Also, although you do not have to do it now, if ROM capacity approaches 32 MB, try Rebuild.
It seems that can compress to 0x105AD10.
However, because play test is necessary, doing it is much better later.


Is this Lawful Good VS Chaotic Evil?


How to pass chapter 9? ;-;


Best Roiman, seize his castle.
Sieze the castle in the island where Tana was.
Beat Gilvan, seize his castle / visit village for 9x


The problem with chapter nine isn’t that it’s broken as such, but that the level 20 Sacaens by Gilroy’s castle spawn at turn 1 and hunt you down.


insert surprised pikachu meme
Alrighty the issues with the Saceans in ch9 have been fixed! New download link is in the main post.

What was supposed to happen, was they were invisible until you approached the castle, then they popped out and ambushed you. I thought that was scummy to punish you for exploring, So I just made them always there, AND we saw what happened there…

Anyhow, now we area version 1.13, because I don’t have time to make new chapters will all the mess ups I’m doing. So, have these slew of balance changes!

Mostly the OUTLAW has been added as a class. Assassins can wield Swords/Bows along with Outlaws. They can both steal and use lockpicks. Outlaw is the promotion from Thieves/Huntress.
Also Gilroy has been promoted! He is no longer a General, he is a Marshall! (uses Baron animations from FE4).

Here is Neimi as your only playable Outlaw (so far).

If you want more indepth patch notes, it will be in the first post after the Main Post. Also it’s included in the download.

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Bi-Weekly update 1 is here!

So with this update Chapters 10, 11, 12, 12x, and 13 are all added and complete!
Hopefully there will be no issues this time (lol yeah right).

So here are some small screenshots of the work I did. Namely Mages got changed around
and more organized then before. Sages, Wizards and Chieftains have new animations!

As always download link is in the Main Post, and detailed Patch Notes are in the first post as well
as inside the Download folder.

Next Bi-Weekly patch should focus more on supports and death convos, so stay tuned!

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Bi-Weekly patch #2!

  • Supports have been added! Most don’t have conversations except for advancing rank. They will be added later as I finish them. Most units only get 3 partners and Very few units get less then that.
  • NO NEW CHAPTERS ADDED THIS PATCH, this was mostly a rebalancing patch. Hopefully by next next saturday for the patch I will have finish Ch.14,15 and 16.
  • Very basic rundown of new patch. This is the important parts and the fully detailed changes
    of course is in the download file.

	FE8x: Stones of a Divine Dragon
		Version 1.3.0
		Updated 11/26/2018 -> 12/08/2018

* Supports have been added in the game, every character has 3 support options (very little have less then 3). Support
conversations aren’t complete, but the bonuses and talking are there.
Saleh has been removed, he didn’t have a plot point after Ch.4 so there was no point in him.
* Now Ewan and Belle spawn in Ch.4!
* Belle is a new female mage who joins with Ewan in Ch.4, Belle comes with Holy Flames / Elfire and a Talisman at lv.5
* L’arachel also joins with a Psychic (removed Mend) to replace Saleh’s.

All units have proper death quotes! (y-yay?)
Ewan -(OLD)–65(+15) 60(+15) 45(+5), 70(+35) 50 25(+10) 45(+5) 360(+85)
Ewan -(NEW)-70(+20) 60(+15) 80(+40) 50(+15) 40 30(+15) 40(+0) 370(+95)
Belle -(NEW)- 60 -------80 -------50 -------70 -------35- 50------- 25----- 370

Now Ewan is more niche/uniqe and Belle fits the role of the heavy hitting mage since only Lyon had the role previously.

Warrior has been REMOVED FROM THE GAME!
* Gheb now spawns as a Chieftain. He also spawns with Killer Axe + Energy Ring, instead of Steel Bow.
* Fighters now promotes into Hero / Marauder.

  • Paladins and Great Knights and Cavaliers

  • Unnoted change from last version… Both of these classes now wield Swords/Lances/Axes.

  • Paladin Move -1, now 7.

  • Great Kn. Move +1, now 7.

  • Light/Heavy Cavaliers animations fixed!

  • Paladins have a new animation! Forde has a unique animation.

  • Great Knights updated animation! Kyle has a unique animation.

  • Generals
    Can now wield Sword and Axes, in addition to their previous Lances / Bows.

  • Wyverns

  • Griffon Lord (originally Wyvern Knight) is back to Wyvern Knight! Same stats etc…

  • Wyvern Lord has a new animation, similar to before now with armor!


  • Daggers
  • Venom Edge -> Blood Edge. No longers poisons, now drains HP. 5(+1)Dmg, 80(-10)Hit. 20(-15)Uses.
  • Sonic Dagger NEW 1-3range, +4Spd: 6might, 120hit, 10crit.
    Thief in Ch.7 drops one instead of Restore. Shop in ch.11 now sells it instead of Venom Edge (now blood edge).
  • Steel Sword / Bow
    Gained +1 weapon exp. Now matches Steel Lance/Axe at 2.
  • Horse Blade/Lance/Axe NEW WEAPONS
    Cavalry only weapons, grants +2 Spd/Def.
    Horse Blade: 10might, 80hit, 8weight
    Horse Lance: 12might, 75hit, 10weight
    Horse Axe: 13might, 70hit, 11weight
    Vs Steel, all weapons have +2damage, +5hit, -2weight, +2 Spd/Def, and same Durability.
    Forde and Kyle start with Horse Blade and Axe respectively.
    Various Cavalry units now have the Horse weapons.
    Shop in Ch.9 below Roiman sells Horse Weapons.

Hey man, just two things (for now):

  1. I love the work you’ve been doing. you gotta aim for completion, cause i’ll go nuts if you don’t.
  2. i’m at chapter 7 (desert). is there no hidden treasure? cause i’ve been searching but can’t seem to find any.

Yeah there is no desert treasure. I know people like item hunting, but I feel like it’s been around for a while and everyone would have found all the stuff before hand so I didn’t add in any.

Also for completion I got hella distracted at work for a while and then got involved in another game maker and I kinda forgot about this one… I’m probably gonna start working on it again real soon, but I only have one day off a week and this is now my side project. So I’ll probably not update it as often, but I’ma truck through.

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thanks for responding… Work is such a buzz kill man. But hey, we just gotta do what we must. Still, I appreciate the work you’ve done here with this hack, and whatever you may do for it in the future. The story is really refreshing.