[FE8] Status-inflicting weapons

This hack implements status-inflicting weapons in FE8. It uses one of the empty bytes at the end of the item struct as a percentage chance that the status will happen.


I don’t think the stone effect is working properly. Seems to cause the game to freeze when the player or enemy selects the weapon. Halving HP might not be working either, but I’m not too sure on this one. The devil effect is still based on luck though? HP stealing was working fine as was everything else.

Hmm, I’ll have to look into that. Stone is unnecessarily complicated in fe8 so I might be messing something up. Granted I’ve had stone freezing on me in vanilla fe8 too x.x
I decided to keep devil based on luck, just to keep with the “devil” thematics.

I don’t quite get how this works?

You use the weapon effect byte to select what special effect to add to a weapon. This is normally a drop down menu in the item editor, however it’s numbered in decimal not hexadecimal so remember to convert the number or edit the module.

The first of the bottom three unknown bytes in the item editor controls the percent chance of an item causing that effect to happen.

Holy cooow this is amazing!
In the readme it says that the “steal” effect can be proced as well… so, if the enemy gets hit, you steal his item (if he has any)? I’m pretty sure that’s buggy as hell but wow, it’d be awesome

Thank you so much for this @jjl2357!

Lol, “steal” was supposed to mean “steal hp” … but interesting idea

Is steal HP buggy though?
IIRC it needed some specific animation for that to display correctly.

I didn’t actually change any of the code running the steal hp stuff, just the marker that determines when to steal hp. So hopefully no.

EDIT: Derp, found the stone bug, and it was caused by me misspelling a label in the code, causing it to loop back to the same line >.<. Should be fixed now.

Sorry for the noobish question, but how do I install this? I’m not familiar with .asm files.

You need to use Hextator’s jfp patcher. It’s in his doc. Otherwise this link has it when I uploaded it for Ghast.

Thank you!

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Damn, I left this in my “to do” list without actually getting the patcher (duh) and now both your and Hextator’s links are broken.
Help? : (

It should be on the unified dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zymc1h221nnxpm9/AADIGNbBbWzovsn-0InlxOdca/Hextator's%20Doc/Development/Applications/Patching/JFP%20Format/Java%20Implementation?dl=0

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Hmh, I’m confused, this doesn’t seem to work @jjl2357. @Blademaster
I’ve patched the rom, set “0x1” in Nightmare in the status effect and 0x63 (or 99) in the first of the three unknown bytes, but the enemy doesn’t get poisoned…

To patch the file I select “Drive.bat” then prompted “no”, selected the patch and then the rom.

You shouldn’t use the vanilla item pointer literal because people repoint the arrays.
Get the array literal like this

ldr r0,=#0x8016BB4
ldr r0, [r0]

I always just ran the .java file to get the patch to work but if the .bat works, it works I guess? The first of the three unknowns isn’t hexadecimal I thought? If I remember right that’s all you’re supposed to really do. Maybe you need to repoint the item array.