[FE8] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


you know Epee just means sword in french right.
just kidding apparently its a rapier bye


Fear my Two-handed Zweihander Epee Rapier Sword.


Apparently it’s some fencing shit


that’s pretty sick no lie
that horse looks familiar… is it the ranger?


@Alusq would know the answer to this


close! Nomad Trooper.


they’re the same thing anyway


Do not even put the Ranger’s sword animation on the same level as the Nomad’s


Nothing compares to spinning underneath a horse.
Mad respect to those who give a big fuck you to physics.


Now I’m hoping that Belle jumps 50 feet into the air off her pegasus when she crits.


Here’s an album of some images from 1-9 and 1-10


How exciting! We’ve finally finished up this!


Thank you for not making it last the whole chapter.


Oh, it does, that’s just demonstrating that the ASMC to restore the HP works.





There’s a quick teaser for ya.

Also we’re on track to have v1.5 (containing the rest of act 1) ready by the FEE3 due date.




The rainbow’s almost done: Missing a yellow/gold version.


This happened while I was posting that picture


And now we use @Tequila’s colored growths/growth display/talk display hack!