[FE8] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


Does that mean you’re a Cynips?




In other news: I am excite

and also impressed by how much we’ve gotten done in like a month


Just 1.5 more chapters and we can get to the best part!

#the polish




I’d like to remind you now of my title…


I’ll have you know I do things sometimes


I feel like maybe Hitler said something very similar




I’m a lazy shit, so here’s an album with some screenshots and stuff.


leaving out the best part




Most of the heavy lifting is done, we’re just focusing on making it super polished now.

Might even have time to squeeze 1-8 in. Maybe. I dunno. We’ll see what the team thinks.


HYPE Levels reaching critical.


We Polish polish mode now


1-8 has a map and all the writing has been inserted, all that’s left is to design the map and wrap up the rest of the art/music we need done.

7 days to go


1-8 is pretty much wrapped up, still working on polishing and waiting for art/music stuff and fixing a couple bugs that I’ve noticed (looking at you, weapon effectiveness).


Oh look Sawyer’s done.

Crit with normal attack:


Credit: Toa


We just need one more portrait (which nickt is currently working on) and to put in a map sprite before we start our final test run for the release.

Can I start panicking yet


Depending on how tester feedback comes back as, we might actually release it today (the 29th) instead of tomorrow (the 30th), just because if it’s done and ready I’d rather get it out as opposed to sitting on it for a day and doing nothing.

It’s looking pretty likely that it’ll be out today though.