[FE8] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


And these haven’t been posted yet but they’re new things so here they are, @Alusq has made some more mugs beautiful

New Elijah

New Axel

New Darius


And thanks to some help from @Teraspark unique battle palettes are finally becoming a thing!

This is apparently a big accomplishment for me


this is fucking genius


I got the idea from @Tequila and @AlfredKamon but yeah, it makes the guide menu actually useful and saves me from having to deal with a wall of text right at the start.


Yeah, suck on that, Starfox!


Oh look, banter


Eagle btfo, on suicide watch


Owen is beautiful now

and, according to his mini, done with your shit


Shit we lost 10 days of posts.

I don’t remember what I put here,

1-7 release end of June

1-Final for FEE3

so far 1-1 is done and most of 1-2 is done, awaiting writing stuff before I can start 1-3

Owen is still done with your shit.


Oh boy look at that progress

1-1 is totally done
1-2 needs some eventing and writing stuff added
1-3 is done but needs tester feedback/fixes based on said feedback

3 chapters mostly or fully done with 4 to go before the end of June
Maybe I’ll add chapters on one at a time if we get the rest done soon


Hey @InvdrZim13, where should I put my rule 63 fanart? Idk where to put it so I’m just going to leave it here.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


10/10 best fanart


I’d estimate us to be about 50% done with the stuff needed for the first release, so I think it’s safe to say that development is going well.
Some screenies from 1-4, AKA the chapter where shit starts going south real fast.


I may have to arrange a meeting between her boot and my socks.


wait, what?


Not sure what’s so difficult to get here. Crazy obviously wants to try on her adorable blue pega-princess boots~


We Frozen now?


Loving the angle.
Non-standard poses always tickle my nipple.


I’d get that checked out.


I did, they said having a single large nipple in the middle is fine. It’s weird, but fine.