[FE8] Staff of Ages (XNA EventuallyTM)


@Teraspark is a fucking miracle worker and now we have the actual chapter titles again


Please tell me that “there must be some kind of way out of here” is a line in chapter 3




Wow, that’s great! How did you do this?
For the chapter 1 thing … How about using some other chapter instead? Like go from Prologue to chapter 11, disguise it as chapter 1 and go to chapter 2 after it.


I’m actually considering using one of the tower or ruins maps if it can’t be solved.

Circles figured it out lol

I disassemebled the WM events with that disassembler thing in EA and edited the events to make the map stuff skip.

I don’t think it merits an entire post on how to do it though

But what I did was this

WM Intro

ORG //wherever you want really but you can probably get away with using the default location EVBIT_MODIFY 0x1 SKIPWN ENDA


ORG //same as above

EVBIT_MODIFY 0x1 //Don't touch
WM_SPAWNLORD 0x0 0x0 0x0YY 0x0ZZ 0x0 // WM_SPAWNLORD 0x0 0x0 0xYY 0xZZ 0x0 YY = main lord. ZZ = just completed chapter
WM_LOADLOCATION2 0x0 0xXX 0x0 //Silently and instantly load world map location. All three XX's should be the same. Remember that this XX should be the world map location offset and be the same location the chapter occurs in vanilla FE8
WM_SETDESTINATION 0x0 0xXX 0x0 //Sets WM destination
_0xA640 0x0 0x0 0xXX //sets your position to that place

And the XX’s are these:


the link is broken


For the demo?

New link here because I forgot I moved to Drive


thank you


@circleseverywhere Is a miracle worker and now ch1 properly skips to chapter 2.

Finalized Demo release soonTM

(As soon as I iron everything else out)

Staff of Ages Demo

Changelog (because I’m too lazy to include one with the patch)

  • Chapter 1 now properly goes to chapter 2 without the world map stuff inbetween

  • Rebalancing for some units

  • Ch3 rebalance (Darius better be careful)

  • Marques and Reece have their actual mugs now

  • Bugfixes galore


Just gonna put this here for the sake of keeping both threads updated.

Context: Prime gave us some really helpful feedback over on SF.

Just a quick update, preliminary talks with the writers/a few other people it’s looking like some pretty significant changes are going to be happening to what we have so far story wise.

… Which means the demo is going to be redone to a degree (with a couple extra chapters by the looks of things).

I swear we’ll get past chapter 3 eventually.


I’ll believe it when I see it

Seriously tho, take your time man. I can wait.


Only srs writing talk happening here

No but seriously we’re working on improving the writing so the characters actually have time to develop and that involves some extra chapters being added in here and there.

We’re reworking a lot of things so they make more sense/don’t have stupid pacing.


Lack of progress progress update:

Main writer is MIA due to IRL stuff, still waiting on stand in writer to send me the new script since I’m weird and not gonna work on the redo stiff until I’ve got all the writing that I need for a particular chapter.

Also schools a thing so yeah.

at this rate it’ll be our FEE3 2016 submission



Throwback to when Oona’s portrait was a travesty


This is impying it isn’t a travesty now.


m8 she’s a lot better now


Also, I’m looking for 2 fully custom Mage Lord Animations for Owen and Sawyer (base class and promoted), and I’m willing to shell out some cash to whomever works on it since I know full custom animations are a bitch (or at least they seem that way to me).

So yeah, hit me up if you’re a talented animation type and want to pick up some commission work, previous works required since I’m paying money for it and really don’t want substandard work.


There’s a mage lord in the animation directory on Serenes.


I’m using it right now but I’m not that big a fan, plus I want unique stuff for them


The guide menu is actually useful now!

The third section needs some work to flesh it out more, or replaced by some other thing because I needed a third thing for that section.

It also means that there won’t be a wall of text intro at the very start and instead will go straight to the start of the game.