[FE8] Song of Restoration First Release (First 5 Chapters)

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“Hey kids, do ya like FE with two refreshers?”

Welcome to a project I’ve been working on called Song of Restoration!

Two main aspects about what I love about Fire Emblem have come together to inspire and push me to make this hack:

The joy of using dancers throughout FE titles. Not to mention my surprise at realizing there are no hacks based around using two dancers. Part of being that novel concept is why I continued on this project I more or less stumbled into it feels like.

Overall interest in the setting of FE6’s Elibe and its cast, knowing it can be explored more. Especially in Elffin who I believe is woefully unknown due to being locked behind B route and FE6 supports.

In the end, this is me just making a big love letter to the series I love. I hope you all enjoy this 5 map demo and give your feedback to make this as good as it can be.

This hack includes

  • Perfect availability Elffin and Larum with maps designed around the power from having these two
  • Attempts to evoke an authentic FE6 feeling in OST usage, although not 100% identical
  • Project Ember’s Art Assets
  • No OCs, just FE6’s cast being used
  • Only 1 difficulty that is comfortable yet present difficulty in my opinion

Misc Mechanical Details
  • Thracia Trade
  • Crit = [Skill stat - 10]
  • Bard train produces no exp, just to speed up gameplay
  • Removed FE8 early game exp boost
  • Enabled growths to be viewed with select
  • Removed variance in enemy autolevels

KrashBoomBang for always being there for playing builds, helping with builder, or just giving constructive feedback 24/7.

JelliedUnicorns for letting me bother her 24/7 about my progress and complaints about FEbuilder

Project Ember Team for creation of public assets

7743 for making this incredible tool, and FEU discord for advice

ArcherBias for importing the bulk of FE6’s OST for me and teaching me how to import songs easily

Krispykris for a certain unique icon

To everyone who helped keep up the illusion that I am not illiterate with grammar/comma fixes. Especially VagueKatti and Branded_King

And a deepest sincerest thanks to everyone who playtested this at any point so far.

Patches used
  • Actions After Support (Contemporary Style) / Source:circleseverywhere
  • Actions After Talk (Contemporary Style) / Source:circleseverywhere
  • Sets flag when enemy escaped, for hook in event. / Source:7743
  • Display Escape menu / Source:7743
  • COND Check whether all members have withdrawn / Souce:NGMansion
  • Add Event: Character Retreat / Source:NGMansion
  • Add Event: Character Retreat / Source:NGMansion
  • Add Event: Simple Escape event that can be easily created / Source:7743 and NGMansion
  • FE8-Battle Stats with Anims Off / Source:Tequila
  • 48command_hack / Source:Hextator
  • 01command_hack / Source:Hextator
  • Anti-Huffman / Source:Hextator
  • HPBars_simple / Source:Circles and Zane
  • Define Multiple Prohibits the Crit By Item. (Installer) / Source:7743
  • Define Multiple dancers(Battle animation effect) Installer / Source:7743
  • Setting sound effect of a many dancer in map battle (Installer) / Source:7743
  • Remove Easy Mode / Source:Nintenlord
  • SOUND_NIMAP2(Native Instrument Map) / Source:Alusq
  • Change support conversation to 5 people instead of 5 times(By Aera) / Source:aera
  • Weapon Lock Ex Installer / Source:7743
  • Crit = Skill - 10 / Source: Scrazia
  • Growths display / Source: Tequila
  • Patch name:Limitless Trading / Source: NGMansions

Patch Link

Freshly Made Discord

Also for your own sanity just turn off dancer animations trust me

5/20: Just found out about weird patch name that speeds up dancer map animations and updated that, with a few other minor changes that were already implemented

6/12: apparently my dropbox profile expired? So slightly updated patch


I definitely love this concept of a hack designed around double refreshers. Really grabs your attention and lets you know instantly what the hack is about.


I may try it

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Good hack

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