[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way


Afa’s Drops?


More like crusader’s scrolls.


scouring through my old docs:

Sentry: Range +1 if unit moves 1 tile or less. (For archers)

Momentum: Adds +1 Mt for every 3 tiles traversed before attacking. (@Rossendale already did this, iirc)

Prestige: Allows unit to obtain multiple S-ranks.

Anticipation (7x, FE4 bosses): If unit cannot counter-attack, reflexively switches to nearest weapon that can counter-attack. (@CT075 has already done this in FE7)

Academic (7x): Grants unit an E-rank in all tome types, the ones that the unit does not already have. (This would be a cool item-learning skill for mages)

Entropy: +25 avo against physical weapons. (For mages)

Commando (not sure where this came from?): terrain def bonus * 1.5, add terrain def bonus to atk * 1, terrain avo bonus *1.5, terrain avo bonus to hit *1

Reversion: Reverses opponent avo bonuses.

Dominion: Unit always has WTA.

Pursuit (2.0): Allows unit to add an extra attack for every time they pass the AS threshold after being allowed to double. (for example an AS threshold is +3, so +6 grants a third attack, +9 grants a fourth)


Since there is a finite limit to the number of skills Circles can add, is there a way to add more than the limit, but leave them unassigned and let the developer swap them out as needed? Ie: Entries beyond 0xFF are assigned to nothing but can be swapped out with unwanted skills by changing the unassigned skills to an appropriate entry and removing that entry from the main skills list.


It would be pretty crazy if this thing actually got to 255 skills. There should still be plenty of room to add new skills and also you can always choose to not use some of the skills in the default package. But as far as I’m aware going beyond 0xFF would effectively double the memory required to store skills which isn’t feasible without creating new space in RAM to save things.


I assumed Circles was adding code for all of them in the relevant buildfiles. My question was if he could add the codes n stuff into those buildfiles, leave their entries there, but #zero them out so someone could simply disable what default skills they don’t want and use the normally zeroed out skills instead.

To be fair, I haven’t downloaded the package yet so the answer is probably obvious to everyone but me.


Crazycolorz hasn’t done anything to my buildfile though.

If you don’t want a skill just comment it out of the buildfile and replace its entry in the skill icons, tables, and text.


Idk how I keep mixing up your name with Crazy’s in my head.


This is really neat! I feel silly for wasting so much time on my own skill system for something that completely blows mine out of the water to come out, but I’m definitely using this instead! Great work!

EDIT: Is there no readme file? And what exactly makes the hack not done other than not having 255 desired skills?


Part of what makes it not done is the lack of readme, yes. Also while offensive skills have unique animations, all defensive skills still use the great shield activation. That and I’d like to add the ability to teach skills via items/events which would also require adding in the ability to forget skills. Also while units spawned at higher levels will automatically have the right level up skills, promoted units don’t get the base class skills so at some point I’d need a way to give generic enemy paladins the cav skills or something.


or you could give paladins the cav skills at level 1? just a thought…


Right but I want Thief>Assassin to be different from Myrm>Assassin etc


how to install it ? , some1 please let me know.



I’ve keep trying to install it but it keeps giving me errors.

[details=Like this one]
14 errors encountered:
File Master Skill Installer.event, Line 21, Column 1: No code named callHack_r1 found.
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 58, Column 1: Symbol SD_Demoiselle isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 59, Column 1: Symbol SD_Gentilhomme isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 60, Column 1: Symbol SD_MaleficAura isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 61, Column 1: Symbol SD_Inspiration isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 62, Column 1: Symbol SD_Charm isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 63, Column 1: Symbol SD_VoiceOfPeace isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 64, Column 1: Symbol SD_Amaterasu isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 65, Column 1: Symbol SD_SpurStr isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 66, Column 1: Symbol SD_SpurMag isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 67, Column 1: Symbol SD_SpurSpd isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 68, Column 1: Symbol SD_SpurDef isn’t in scope
File FE8 Skill Description Editor.event, Line 69, Column 1: Symbol SD_SpurRes isn’t in scope
File Proc Skills Installer.event, Line 96, Column 1: Symbol SkillAnimationPointerTable isn’t in scope[/details]


Seems like you’re not using an up to date version of EA?


Where can I find an up to date version then?

I’m using EA V10.1.1


I’m pretty sure that’s the most up to date version, weird.


it’s probably my fault then lol i’ll fix it soon


So for my hack, I already implemented the following skills:

Light Weight - If holding 3 or less Items, attack speed +3

Pursuit - When attacked, attack speed +2

Wind Disciple - +10 hit and avoid when not at full HP

Patience - Avoid +10 when attacked

Critical Force - Critical is calculated by Skill + luk/2

Killing Machine - Critical is doubled

Mantle - Only certain weapons/units of a certain class can harm enemies with this skill

Pragmatic - Atk +3, Def+1 when fighting an enemy that doesn’t have full health

Chivalry - Atk +2, Def +2 when fighting an enemy at full health

Firey Blood - Attack +4 when not at full hp

Strong Riposte - Atk +3 when attacked

Quick Draw - Atk +4 when attacking

Trample - Attack +5 when fighting non mounted unit (they don’t have Canto)

Hunter - Attack +5 when fighting mounted unit (they do have canto)

Facde - If the unit is under a status effect (poisoned) attack +10 (this should probably be lower)

If I wanted to donate them to this project, what would be the best way to go about doing so?


take a look at the many examples, but basically you simply change the check where appropriate. For things that alter battle calculations, you’d also need to insert a pointer to the routine in the modified calculations loop (the breaker/faire skills are a good example).