[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way


Current status: 62 skills are done. Still got room for 193 more

#define AcrobatID 1 //DONE
#define PassID 2 //DONE
#define CantoPlusID 3 //DONE
#define WaryFighterID 4 //DONE
#define SureShotID 5 //DONE
#define ProvokeID 6 //DONE
#define SaviorID 7 //DONE
#define MercyID 8  //DONE
#define FrenzyID 9 //DONE
#define AdeptID 10 // DONE
#define CantoID 11 //display only
#define CunningID 12 //display only
#define LethalityID 13 //display only
#define LunaID 14 //DONE
#define SolID 15 //DONE
#define AetherID 16 //DONE
#define AstraID 17 // DONE
#define DisciplineID 18 //DONE
#define SwordbreakerID 19 //DONE
#define LancebreakerID 20 //DONE
#define AxebreakerID 21 //DONE
#define BowbreakerID 22 //DONE
#define TomebreakerID 23 //DONE
#define AegisID 24 //DONE
#define PaviseID 25 //DONE
#define DuelistsBlowID 26 //DONE
#define DeathBlowID 27 //DONE
#define DartingBlowID 28 //DONE
#define WardingBlowID 29 //DONE
#define CertainBlowID 30 //DONE
#define ArmoredBlowID 31 //DONE
#define VantageID 32 //DONE
#define DesperationID 33 //DONE
#define WrathID 34 //DONE
#define CounterID 35 //DONE
#define CounterMagicID 36 //DONE
#define MiracleID 37 //DONE
#define SwordfaireID 38 //DONE
#define LancefaireID 39 //DONE
#define AxefaireID 40 //DONE
#define BowfaireID 41 //DONE
#define TomefaireID 42 //DONE
#define CritUpID 43 //display only
#define SlayerID 44 //display only
#define SummonID 45 //display only
#define DanceID 46 //display only
#define LifetakerID 47 //DONE
#define GaleforceID 48 //DONE
#define RenewalID 49 //DONE
#define NiceThighsID 50 //DONE
#define DemoiselleID 51 //DONE
#define GentilhommeID 52 //DONE
#define MaleficAuraID 53 //DONE
#define InspirationID 54 //DONE
#define CharmID 55 //DONE
#define VoiceOfPeaceID 56 //DONE
#define AmaterasuID 57 //DONE
#define SpurStrID 58 //DONE
#define SpurMagID 59 //DONE
#define SpurSpdID 60 //DONE
#define SpurDefID 61 //DONE
#define SpurResID 62 //DONE

Hory shet tho for real




Are the Spurs just renamed Rallies?


Spurs are the passive skills in Heroes


Would it be possible to get the Defiant skills as well. +5 of x if below half health?

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Needs moar Jugdral/Tellius skills:

Charge: If attack speed and HP greater than enemy’s, initiates another round of battle.

Cancel: Speed% to negate the foe’s next attack (doesn’t activate if enemy has no more counter attacks).

Fortune: Unit is immune to critical hits (Hoplon Guard as a skill).

Daunt: Reduce enemy hit/avo by 10 within a 3 tile radius.

Celerity: Mov +2.

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and we just lost to Golden State lmao

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charge: ez
cancel: ez
fortune: ez
daunt: ez
celerity: tedious but teq did all the hard work already lol


I wonder if giving armors Galeforce would make them a lot more interesting, with their 4 move and all…


Snipers with Canto+. Hit and run boys


I’m already going to do that with Nomads/mounted bowmen. Snipers want stuff like range boosting or crit boosting or piercing to make them more offensively-based.

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Snipers aren’t mounted, so they’d only be able to move again if they do a non-attacking action.


…under the current system, but it’s easy to fix that


and I guess there are decent modern FE skills that I’d like to see added as well unlike that stupid ass male/female tile radius shit

Strong Riposte: When enemy initiates battle, damage +2.

Live to Serve: When healing an ally, the unit recovers the same amount of HP.

Savage Blow: When user initiates battle, enemies within 2 tile radius lose 20% of their HP.

Rightful Heir: +10% to skill activation rates.

Quick Salve: After using an HP recovery item, unit can perform another action.

Aptitude: Adds +10% to all growth rates.

Forager: When standing on Mountain, Forest, or Plains terrain, the user recovers 20% HP at the start of the Turn.

Bibliophile: When user has 3 or more tomes in inventory, Crit +10 (something like this would probably work better in a game with durability).

Armsthrift: Luck*2% chance of not reducing weapon durability from this attack.

Patience: Hit/avo +10 on enemy phase.

Healtouch: +5 to amount of HP this unit heals.


Adding to this:

Piety: Boost healing staff ranges by +1.

Also, other ideas.

Ballistae: Unit can use Ballista as weapons.

Bowlistae: If unit equips any normal bow, that bow’s range is converted to 3-10 range. Cannot double unless it has the Brave effect, in which case it only attacks twice. Accuracy -25% with bows.

Ethereal: Unit can fly over any terrain and move through walls. AVO increases by +50 (Phantoms only)

Stone eyes: Unit has a SKL/2% chance to turn an enemy to stone during combat.

Venomous: Same, but for poison.

Secret Hex: Inflict any random status ailment on an enemy. Chance is Skl/3%.


Underdog: +15 Hit/Avo if User Lv. < Enemy Lv.

Air Superiority: +15 Hit/Avo if the enemy is a flier unit.

Defender: +1 in all stats if rescuing another unit

Good Fortune: Luck% of recover 20% of HP at the beginning of the turn

Heartseeker: -15 Avo in battle to adjacent units

Vengeance: Skill% of adding half of lost HP to damage

Solidarity: +10 Crit/C.Avo to adjacent units

Iron Will: -4 of magic damage received if attacked by the enemy

Witch’s Brew: Luck/2% of getting a Potion after Wait

Veteran Intuition: +10 C. Avo if attacked by the enemy


How would I go about with installing this? If there’s a guide somewhere, please let me know.


[quote=“Arch, post:34, topic:2312”]
unlike that stupid ass male/female tile radius shit[/quote]
Those are cool, though. They reward your army for having diversity in gender! :V

[quote=“Arch, post:34, topic:2312”]
Aptitude: Adds +10% to all growth rates.
the stupidest of stupid skills is this one


I agree, mainly because if you’re going to make it a skill, might as well just add it to their growths.

Now, if it’s a skill given by an item, then we’re talking.

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Since the skill system has level-up skills, I was primarily suggesting it with that in mind.