[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 254 skills done, more on the way

I hoped to use the Vanilla fe8 with skills as a base for a private project I’m working on, however, when patching fe8 with that patch, it seems to corrupt the tower of Valni.

I noticed this when I was going through the maps with FE Builder, is this an issue on my end, or has this just been overlooked?

Edit: Seems to be my fault, I was under the impression that the patch in Fe Builder didn’t actually give the skills to the units, only added them to the game, so I tried to use the Vanilla patch as a shortcut, my bad.

It seems that there is no problem if skill20180214 installed in FEBuilderGBA.
Adapting skill 20180214 to FE8U, Lint does not detect damage.

Have you installed the latest version yourself?

FEBuilderGBA generates backup when writing to ROM.
Look for a ROM that does not cause problems from the backup and compare it with the differential debugging tool.

The issue does not happen if I adapt the patch in Fire Emblem Builder.
The issue occurs if I adapt the “Fe8 Skills Vanilla.ups” to a copy of fe8, and then open it in Fe Builder.

The issue does not happen if I adapt the patch in Fire Emblem Builder.
The issue occurs if I adapt the “Fe8 Skills Vanilla.ups” to a copy of fe8, and then open it in Fe Builder.

I see.

“Fe 8 Skills Vanilla.ups” may be broken.

According to the error detected by lint of FEBuilderGBA,
You seem to have written something wrong data in the area of the match chip used for the tower.
(PLIST ID:88 OBJ 0x81609BC)

0x81609BC is a map chip image for the tower.

As a result, the map chip data of the tower was destroyed and it ceased functioning as an lz77 compressed image.

That makes sense, the issue can be avoided by using the Fire emblem builder patch instead.
The problem must be with the ups file.

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Can a rom that already has the skill system applied have the skill system updated to a later version, or no?

FADU becomes broken when you apply the skill system patch on a vanilla rom. It doesn’t work as it’s supposed to when playing. It just goes from black to screen instantly.

Could y’all make Dragonskin please?

As well as Distant Counter and Close Counter then e.e

Close Counter/Point Blank would be cool, cause I want a unit of mine to have 1-2 range with all bows, but only that unit.

I had the same issue

I’m pretty new to this romhacking stuff, would this skills system e compatible with other rom editing things like FE Builder?

Yep. Fe builder also automatically comes with amazing support and the ability to patch it on its own (Fe builder can patch a rom to give it the skills system even if you don’t have the patch yourself)

This patch is the original of the skill system of FE8U.
FEBuilderGBA installs this skill patch with the minimum configuration.
The URL of the patch and the license notation are written in the field of license of skill patch of FEBuilderGBA.

Something wrong with the skills patch, whenever i play any game that has @circleseverywhere skill applied, this happens

The decreased stats is random, but any units i choose in preparation screen will get they stats fucked up

Edit: more proofs
Edit 2 : the 1st and 2nd pic from “fe8 vanilla with skills v2.0”, the rest is from “Min max emblem” by Klokinator

This is a well known debuff glitch, this happens when too many units are loaded at once, there is a fix that ups the ammount of units you can load at once.

It’s not an issue of the skill system, it’s an issue of the hack, if you play a hack that respected the unit loading limit you won’t find any of that debuffing.

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I see. Can it be fixed by Febuilder? If not, what should I do? Anyway, thanks for your help.

It’s in this same thread.

Anyway, here it is, install any way you want, febuilder has an install from event or with ea option, something like that, you can use that.

I don’t know if Kirb has made a more updated version or something, to anyone reading this I would recommend to just stick to less than 16 units a block in their hacks instead of using this just to get more units in one block, you can always load two unit blocks one after the other, sounds safer to me.

PUSH // Fix debuff
ORG 0xBA30
WORD 0x203ED40

ORG 0xBA54
WORD 0x203ED40

ORG 0xFA34
WORD 0x203ED40

ORG 0xD5B80
WORD 0x203ED40

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You’re the real Mvp. I am kinda busy right now, will try it hours later and report to you the result.