[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


You can adjust a lot of the values yourself I believe


Just change the order the are written to the rom and itll change the order theyre displayed at


Is there any demand for a patch that fixes the debuff bug? It wouldn’t be useful for custom events, but if you’re using the old events, it would be useful.


Turns out the space used for HP bars is also used for weather, so that’s been mostly fixed. It’s still not compatible with the “clouds” weather effect, but there’s no way around that. Also fixed up some scripted battle stuff.


Hey, @circleseverywhere, I’ve had some weird occurrences when Counter and the devil effect happen at the same time.


Well I made counter check for the devil effect flag, but it turns out devil effect is checked after counter lol

Need to make a more extensive fix


I’m using this on my next project, so I’m glad bugs are being rooted out!
Did you see the recent one on the Amusing Glitches thread? It was as if spells could target dead units, but not physical weapons. Only spells.


i saw the video though it’s good to know you’ve narrowed it down this’ll help solving it


Would’ve come in handy a few years ago, but congrats! This looks gorgeous, I wish everyone who’ll make use of this good luck.


I sense a great disturbance in the Salt.


Updated with a ton of Leonarth’s skills, now post-combat skills are handled in a checking loop just like combat and proc skills


Update: the skill system is now on Github: https://github.com/FireEmblemUniverse/SkillSystem_FE8/releases/

Issues with Event Assembler

rattatatouille was nice enough to make vanilla FE8 with skills that breaks the unit groups down so you don’t get massive debuffs past ch6. Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?jmlsskubznzwuum


It would be nice if we could choose skill for units in vanilla FE8, rather then just them being pre-selected :\


You can grab, from the main skill system download, the “Personal Skill Editor” and associated other pieces of data to edit that, you know?

Similarly the class systems & etc…


Gee I wonder where I can thank this gentleman for this.


don’t blame me, i tried @rat and got no suggestions


Small question here, how come Forde is in a nonexistent class and has an Armorslayer? Is this an EA trick or something because he shouldn’t be in a blank class, and I haven’t edited text. The only other hex I’ve edited is the promo to use class bases. I couldn’t find anywhere better to ask, so I’ll go away if this has been dealt with or clutters up space.


Yeah I messed that up. I forgot that I was still using my modified classes for units there >_>


updated the vanilla fe8 with skills link: https://www.mediafire.com/?10v42h251xtamw1