[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way



That’s a shit load of skills there nice!




Im french so im the one who’ll bring the champagne




One drink for every skill!!! Brb, getting a headache after 5 drinks. XD


New drinking game, every time circles asks for donations you drink a shot.




so when is the next celebration? 500 skills done?


Heck, for this I would even donate my mum. :wink:


This Skill System is seriously awesome! (Though I should make better skill icons and use of the text space given for skill descriptions). Also Ephraim has 15 luk.

Is there any reason why warding/armored blow subtract only from the enemy unit’s attack instead of buffing your def? There shouldn’t be an issue with quick draw boosting attack instead because of something like weapon effectiveness right?


In short, because I tried buffing the def and it didn’t work lol. As for weapon effectiveness I believe that’s done before the skills add to the final damage.


Are the skills applied before the combat forecast? Because FEIV:IotHW basically made you add damage from skills in your head.


Nice scrolling!! That’s honestly super impressive.

Still have the up arrows issue on th selecting weapon screen though


Yes, the skills will show up in the combat forecast, unless they’re activation skills.

Scrolling is actually working by default lol I didn’t do anything special there. I’ll get to the arrows thing :soon:


Thank you


What I could’ve sworn when I made like 50 options in FE:D they just went off the bottom of the screen, lol.


Bigger update: fixed many glitches, added a proper test chapter, tidied up the folders


New update again: now with 10 more skills by @Blademaster!
Also fixed a few things, like Savage Blow no longer activates if the attacker died, Lunge now works on enemies (if they have the skill they will always use it), and fixed a major error with the stat screen’s 4th page.


Nice. I’m looking forwards to more.
Although, how does this make sense with siege tomes?
Can the sage warp?