[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


Suspend hack :o?


Active a skill by command? That’s great. Time to design an SP system.


Still the arrows on the choosing weapon screen…


But what happens if a unit has both Lunge and Mercy? Assuming they also have other commands there (say, Rescue, Trade, maybe Steal), how much can the box hold before it’s too much? Is there even a limit?



Now do it really fast, insert some crazy rainbow LSD effects, and pair it with this song.


I’m on it


Updated again, Celeirty and Seal skills are done


Yay! I’m in the game now!


(Possibly) stupid question: can people have negative stats after being affected by the seals?

For example, if a morph who has oh so much luck gets affected by Luck Seal, will they have 0 or -6 luck?


Sealairity is my favorite skill.


It can’t go below 0, no


Hypothetically speaking, would it be possible to repoint all stat values to accommodate for negative stats?


In order to make the new skills save with each unit, you had to expand the character RAM I would assume? Are there any other free bytes available in the new unit RAM for new weapon levels? The macros you wrote for the stat pages make it really easy to add in new weapon types to them, so I wanted to try my hand at getting a working version of [FE8] Arbitrary number of weapon types so that there can at least be a wind/thunder/fire magic split. Something like this would require two extra bytes, but I’ve never done any RAM expansion hacking, so I don’t know how hard it would be to incorporate the extra weapon types/bytes, and if they’re already there that could save some time.

Though maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself since I still haven’t started to work on the other skills I wanted to add…


I feel that having negative stats may screw up some equations for attack speed, etc.
I’m not sure though; I don’t know them off the top of my head.


yes, due to bitpacking you’d need even more RAM per character to accommodate for signed stats


I didn’t expand the character RAM actually, instead I saved them in the area where B/W/L numbers are stored. I left the actual BWL numbers alone, and replaced the hidden “favouritism” stat which tracks how many times you’ve viewed/selected a unit.

Because only characters up to 0x46 can have BWL data, characters above that do not have room to save their skills. Instead, they look up the skill list to see what skills they should know at their current level. Since these units are mostly generics or at least enemies they don’t need to account for branching promos or using items or anything like that.


:tada: :tada: 1 0 0 S K I L L S :tada: :tada:

finished Life And Death, Savage Blow, Fiery Blood, Elbow Room, Natural Cover, Gamble


Let’s celebrate! Skill party! Everyone who enters the thread gets a skill! I’m here first so I’m giving myself Nihil so you can’t kill me with their own overpowered skills.


I’ll bring the champagne.