[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


So I’ve finally gotten around to just trying to get the patch to work before even starting to try adding in any new skills, and the character menu ended up looking like this:

making me think the patch may be out of date? The nightmare modules weren’t working either and I’m running into the same bugs other users have mentioned.

I think there are certain definitions that are out of scope and aren’t getting properly picked up by the EA, which may be why there is an issue.


Are you using the newest EA?


Yes. The issue with the currently released patch, I would assume, is that there are certain fields pertaining to the skill system that need to be defined that aren’t, such as skill descriptions among other things. It doesn’t have anything to do with EA.


Updated the download with 10 more skills, including Rallies:

(using @Crazycolorz5’s debuff/rally system from FE Destiny)

also added a (very) basic readme.



HOWEVER! There are some issues I ran into along with some notes I will bring up here:

  1. There are a couple of pointers in the nightmare modules that are undefined. Since the average person will just be using their own skill sets I’d assume, I recommend setting them all to 0 to start.

  2. I am not sure why and this probably isn’t a bug, but pretty much everyone knows vantage.

  3. #include “Extensions/Hack Installation.txt” seems to get called more than once, showing up in a whole bunch of different files. In my case, this was causing hidden errors to occur making the system not fully compile. Removing these includes will fix this issue.

  4. When moving from screen to screen, the character and class names flash

  5. The 4th stat screen page is a bit buggy since you can look at descriptions of things that aren’t there.

  6. This skill system also applies a bunch of other really useful hacks, just to put that out there.

  7. I’m not sure if this is normal, but screen shaking animations like the dragons seem to cause some odd graphics to show up on the sides of the screens.

  8. I am not sure at this time how this hack interacts with other graphical menu hacks like:


I don’t know what other critical menu hacks that people would like to use should be tested in association with this one.


It SHOULD have ifdef guards. In case it didn’t, it sure does in V11.0


You should leave those alone and edit skill_lists.event to change who learns what when.

Same as above.

Yeah that’s because I have to clear the buffers in order to let the user display whatever they want on the stat screen. It’s the price of making the stat screen fully customisable. As for the R-text on page 4, that’s not done yeah.

Any chance you could get a screenshot of this?


Added Colossus, Impale, Ignis, Lunge


What does Lunge do?


Switches the attacker and defender’s places.


Swaps the position of player and enemy after battle. It allows a true work of art to appear Conquest Lunatic lategame where like every fucking enemy has lunge and they leapfrog you to the boss only for him to kill you


Well, the enemy AI doesn’t know how to use Lunge at the current time but I’m sure that’ll happen at some point


Oh lmao it happened in the GIF and I couldn’t even tell.


Huh, so Lunge is an alternate attack command. That’s really cool. also is an easy implementation for mercy


For Lunge, any chance some sort of visual effect can happen, even just like a text bubble or an icon above Eirika’s head or something?


Any chance you could get a screenshot of this?

I don’t know if those frames are there in vanilla FE8 when the screen shakes.


From my experience with Rumble/etc on the map I believe they are as it just shows artifacts on the vram.


great idea, glad i thought of it


It’s also half way to 7x-style rechargable command skills. If this skill system acquired that capability, it would basically be on-par with FEXNA’s.


Implement an extra few bits for every single unit, and then use that as a way to hold how recharged a/each/all skills are // if a skill is recharged

this is how my charge bar came to be fwiw it seemed like such a good idea