[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


Then I should make my edits to skill_lists.event before using Event Assembler to apply the buildfile? Make_hack just seems to create the Boss Rush test ROM, and I couldn’t find when you talked about removing it on the Discord.


Using make_hack and applying the buildifle are the exact same thing, make_hack just calls EA for you.

The Boss Rush is only one test chapter, you’ll have to remove that and repoint the text table if you want to do stuff with vanilla chapters.

Search for “0x81b0270” in the discord server and you’ll find last time someone did all that, and don’t be afraid to ask or even ping if you have trouble with that.


I added a couple skills to the skill system.

Perfectionist: +15 Hit/Avoid when[N]
user’s HP is at maximum.[X]

Puissance: +3 Damage when the user’s[N]
Strength is higher than the enemy’s.[X]

Here’s the git patch, if someone wants to add them. Someone with access just needs to run git am on it, and it should be good.

The skill icons aren’t great (I have the graphical skill of a rock), if anyone wants to replace them with better ones, by all means.


Pardon my inexperience, but is it possible to apply this to an already-edited ROM of FE8?


Yes, as long as there’s nothing conflicting.
You’ll have to change the starting offset and you will probably have to worry about text IDs and other stuff but it can be done.