[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


Pardons my foolishness but how exactly does “Capture” skill work? I’ve tried everything but it seems like it’s display only


Select it from the action menu (like Gamble or Lunge). You can capture an enemy if you have the skill, you can rescue the unit (aid >= con), you’re not currently rescuing someone, and the unit is at 1 range.


and the unit is at 1 range

Could you adjust this so that if you’re using a bow it only works at 2 range?


Not easily.


Is it because it uses vanilla rescue routines?


That, probably some other things, and most importantly, I’m lazy.


Damn lol. I’ll have to figure out something else then, but I feel like it sort of make sense since 1 range bows don’t even exist in vanilla



Is there any way that I can edit which stats are halved for the Capture skill? I looked into the readme file, which directed me to the Capture EA file for the stats halved. However, it seems like those codes for the stats weren’t used in the EA file.


You’ll have to edit the stat getters yourself, which I believe are in their own sub-folder, and reassemble them.
Some assembly is required.

Reinforcement/Enemy Unit Range Bug Help (army memory not being cleared?)

I’m new here so I apologize if this has been asked before, but I’ve looked around and am uncertain on how exactly to create new skills. Could someone link me to a comprehensive guide of sorts or walk me through it?
Thanks in advance.


Making a new skill isn’t something you can really make a tutorial on, if you want help with it I recommend that you join the FEU discord.

Some skills are as easy as adding the regular data for them (an icon, description and ID) and then just using already existing macros to add them to the stat getters, some others you can make by slightly changing already existing skills, others will require you to investigate how the game works and find a way to twist it to make it do what you want.


Hello all, I made an account to ask a question here. I love this hack and for a few days now I’ve been trying to change around skills but haven’t had any success. I’m very happy with the skills that have been implemented, I don’t want to make new ones, I just want to change personal skills and change the skills learned on level-up. I understand the process of editing skill_lists.event, but I can’t figure out how to patch my changes into the hack. I’ve combed through this thread and the github and readmes for whatever I can find, and so far have tried the following:

  • Using Nightmare and the Nightmare modules in the github. Other Nightmare modules, such as item editors, do work, but nothing in the skill editor modules work. They don’t show any fields when opened in Nightmare.
  • Renaming an entirely clean FE8 ROM to FE8_clean, putting it in the same folder as the ROM buildfile, and running MAKE HACK_full. This doesn’t seem to do anything to FE8_clean, but it does make SkillsTest.gba and SkillsTest.ups. SkillsTest.gba is only a Boss Rush, and when I use NUPS to apply SkillsTest.ups to FE8_clean.gba, it turns the ROM into the same Boss Rush. However, the SkillsTest ups and gba use the skills listed in the documentation instead of the skills in the vanilla patch from the OP (e.g. Innes has BowRangeUp as shown in skill_lists.event, instead of Galeforce as he does in the vanilla skills patch).
  • First using NUPS to apply the vanilla skills patch to a clean FE8 ROM, renaming it FE8_clean, then repeating the above process. Same result.
  • The above two processes, but with MAKE HACK_quick. Again, same result, except MAKE HACK_quick doesn’t create SkillsTest.ups, just the gba. Still just the Boss Rush. Neither the full nor quick commands do anything to FE8_clean.

I don’t know what else I can do other than ask for guidance. I understand that this is probably a lack of understanding on my part - I’m new to FE hacks - and very likely not something wrong with what I’ve downloaded from this thread. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Febuildergba may help you.
Tool-patches-skills config- assaign skills by classes if i recalls correctly


The nightmare modules for things like personal skills can’t be used with nightmare, they will only work with buildfiles, these modules are only used to define the structure of the table and not where it will be, unlike the old modules.

The Boss Rush chapter is the beta testing chapter, it’s assumed that you will be making a completely new hack using the skill system and not some sort of spicy FE8 edit. I was helping someone remove it the other day so if you join the discord you’ll probably be able to follow that to do the same.

Check this if you want to understand how it all works (or join the discord and ask there):


Yes! I downloaded FEBuilderGBA and it does precisely as you say. I can change around who gets what skill when. Something I’ve noticed, though, is that I can’t add skills within a class’ level progression without doing something that looks scary. For example, Ephraim gets Aether at level 10. If I try to add Rightful King at level 20, it works fine until I look at someone else’s skills and then go back to Ephraim. His skill list suddenly shows Eirika’s too.
I think this has to do with the address field for each learned skill. I can see that all learned skills have addresses that end with even numbers. Ephraim’s skills start at an address that ends in 48, while Eirika’s start at 4C. Adding Rightful King to Ephraim gives it the address 4A, so Ephraim now has 48 and 4A. For some reason, FEBuilder thinks that if Ephraim has 48 and 4A, and there’s another skill address at 4C, then they must be part of the same skill list because they’re adjacent. Ephraim then is shown to have 48, 4A, and 4C - he has Aether twice. This happens again if I add 4E to Eirika, so her skill list includes Ephraim Great Lord’s, and Ephraim’s includes both Eirika’s and his Great Lord’s lists.
Is there a way to get around this, so I can have units learn more skills? Or am I stuck only changing personal skills and the skills that are already there in the learn lists?


I really recommend you use Event Assembler, as that’s what was the original intention, but if you really want to use builder then just find some freespace for the new list to be at and change the pointer to that.

Event Assembler manages your space for you so none of these things are problems in the skill system buildfile (the one you find on github).


Have you extended the list?

I think that you are forcibly rewriting the data without extending the list.
That is dangerous.
When you increase the list, please extended the list.

If you still do not understand please send report 7z.


So I can apply the patch for FE8_clean.gba with NUPS, then make my edits to skill_lists.event, then use Event Assembler to apply my edited skill lists to the patched FE8 ROM?


Don’t patch the ROM. You want the ROM to stay clean.

Make_hack will copy the clean ROM and apply the changes to it, as many times as you want, that’s the basis of buildfiles.

Also don’t apply skill_lists.event on it’s own, it would just break your ROM, it needs to be part of the whole thing, you can’t just apply any of the files individually, it’s a whole project.