[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


I found a problem.
When equipped with items that increase HP limit,
When recovering with heal staff,
Recovery exceeding HP’s maximum occurs and the game freezes.

Reproduction method.
(This is testing on the boss rush stage of SkillsTest.gba, which was built by downloading from github on 2018/3/3.)

Set stat booster to increase HP to weapons.
For example, if you are equipped with items that make HP increase 10.

I set the statbooster effect on items using FEBuilderGBA.
Steal sword has a stat boost effect that sets HP + 10.

Please let the character equip the item.
In the middle of the game, by making items equipped, we will make a difference between the maximum HP and the current HP.
this time, I got equipped by handing items.

Please recover the character’s HP with heal staff.

The amount of recovery occurs ignoring the upper limit of HP, and the game freezes.

If Mulder recovers Eirika’s HP with heal staff, recovery will occur beyond the HP limit and the game will freeze.

This problem also occurs in the latest version in github.
It seems to be a problem from the past version, also occurred in version 20171130.

Other information.
It does not occur in vanilla not using SkillSystems.

It does not occur in Vulnerary or Elixir.

It happens even outside Mulder.
It occurs when it recovers with staff.
Besides heal staff, it also happens with recover staff etc.
However, it does not occur with Fortify staff.

When battle animation is turned off, the word NO DAMAGE appears on recovery and it will not be recovered.
However, the game does not crash.


I have identified the issue, it has to do with a staff related skill, Live to Serve, which is checking hp without using the proper stat getter, this might be because the skill is old, either way I will work on a fix.


I was just messing around in the Boss Rush map to kill some time. Neimi still has room for one more skill, so I went and visited the Nice Thighs house.

The game made me forget a skill despite there still being room for one more. The same thing happens to anyone else who visits there with five skills. Visiting with less skills learned works as intended, while visiting with the maximum six skills pops up the forget window as it should. Pressing R does not make the skill descriptions appear, but that’s not the end of the world.


correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t the setup for the skill system 1 personal skill + 1 class skill + the 4 learned skills?
i don’t think you should be able to forget the personal skill or class skill so having 4 to choose from seems right. From the looks of your screenshot Neimi has 4 learned skills but is missing either a personal or class skill. As far as i can tell nothing is wrong (outside of the skill descriptions not appearing)


Well, that was stupid of me. Working as intended, no problems. Four personal skills filled, game prompts to forget upon learning a fifth.
that’s why I should do this stuff on discord so I don’t look like an idiot on the forums


I loved this system 2.0 improved many skills of the boss that was wrong could put the voices also it would be nice to implement voices when we chose the characters


I know Tomebreaker is a skill in this mod, but how about adding a breaker skill for the 3 individual tomes types: Animabreaker, Light/Holy-breaker, Dark/Shadow-breaker? Loving this mod though so far.


The same glitch/similar happens with sol


Please give more details about how to replicate this glitch, what are the usual circumstances it happens in? I have never encountered it, I know it exists I just don’t know what people do to make it happen.


I just had the skill being learnable on Myrrh and I was grinding in the tower with a dragonstone that had +30 stat boosts in everything except movement and health, it’s pow is 28 and hit is 100, 25 crit and 1-2 range.


Hi, I’ve searched the folders to find the actual skill list but I didn’t find it.
Can someone help me with this?


You want a list of all skills that are in the system?

There isn’t anything in the system that demands a list of all skills, so it doesn’t really exist.

You can look at skill_definitions.event to see a list of all Skill IDs, but keep in mind that having a definition doesn’t really have to mean there is a skill for it, and Skill IDs could be defined outside of this file (though I doubt that has been done).


Errata: I forgot to update this file when i made the LockTouch hack, so, LockTouch is no more display only.


Edit2: I found the culprit. It’s the freerange patch by StanH. It must write over some skill system stuff. Using the freerange binary version by icecube doesn’t bork things in this manner from what I can tell. Good to know.

Question on using the skill system with custom classes. I am using FEBuilder to add my own classes and attempt to give them skills. Here is the order I did things in:

  1. Applied the skill system patch (Feb 2018 release).
  2. Expanded and repointed the class table (FEBuilder tries to update all pointers to the new table automatically.)
  3. Made a bunch of modifications, additions, etc.
  4. Went into the “assign skills by class” menu and noticed that class skills had been assigned to my new classes, but they look random/scrambled. I suspect that means something has been repointed incorrectly, or expanding the class table bumped into something else? I changed the skills learned by the Eirika lord class.
  5. Started the ROM. Game crashes when you select a unit.

I wonder if FEBuilder missed something important to the skill system when it re-pointed the class table? It’s odd to me that changing the Eirika lord skills crashes the game as that class is obviously in the vanilla game. The game does not crash if none of the class skills are edited. Please let me know if anyone has any insights into how I can correct this. Thanks much!

*Edited for clarity on the scrambled skills.


When I tried to assamble it, EA tells me, that there were a lot of errors and it wont work by me.

I don’t know what to do.


You can start by showing us your errors.
You shouldn’t be using EA though, run “MAKE HACK_full.cmd” (this is in the readme), so do that first and if the error persists let us know.


It’s ok, I got it to work fine.


Hi! I’m new to FEUniverse and Romhacking in general. As such, forgive me if I’m being stupid when I ask how one would go about making a skill learn event/item. I believe these are implemented now although I could well have misunderstood the content of the recent replies. I am currently using FEBuilder, and I’m unsure how exactly such events are made in FEBuilder or if it’s possible at all. Any help would be much appreciated, apologies if I put this in the wrong thread or if it isn’t in the usual format for a thread reply :slight_smile:


Luckily for you the current build has a skill learning event, I think Stan made it to test the skill forgetting menu, it’s in the only chapter event in the whole project so there’s no missing it (under the “HouseEvent” Label):


Thanks! Would you mind telling me how to find the test map in the editor, I can’t seem to find it for some reason…