[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


I commented out the tables initially, then un-commented them out for the same results


Looking at the details of the status with the unit rescued,
Help string seems to be in a strange state.

This phenomenon occurs regardless of the unit.


when i download the file for just fe8 with skills it only gives me 1 level up skill


Antihex (I think it would disable or reduce the devil weapon backfire chance)

Cursed Strike (I’m not sure on this one’s effect yet, but it has something to do with the devil effect being added in exchange for some boon)

A blank skill base (Not for ingame use. Just a helper for more efficient spriters who can’t be bothered with making these all the time. One probably already exists.)

Here’s some basic placeholder sprites until I get better at making these, or until somebody better makes these. No credit needed for use, if you want to.


I have some more made! I have lots of free time because I’m very sick. I also have the nerve to say what they do even though I’ve no idea how to impliment them with functionality.

Shadowgift (hey look at that mysterious dark rank)

Blossom (increases growth rates/rerolls missed stats, but halves exp gain)

Bargain (it’s like a silver card, without the card!)

Tiring Strike (proc skill, puts target to sleep when it happens, poison/silence/berserk/petrify versions to come)

Underdog (not happy with the icon) [+15 hit and avoid if you’re lower leveled than the opponent]

Here’s blown up versions of all of my current skill icons, so people who don’t want to load up EA/FEBuilder/Emblem Magic/GBA GE can see them properly.

If you think to yourself “Hey, I kinda want to use these, and I can actually make them work”, no permission is needed, just insert the small versions to the game (not the big ones, they aren’t palette corrected like the small ones). Credit is optional (but nice). Then again, this is amateur work, so…


I have two new ones for the same skill: Accost! Or Duel! Or Charge! Or whatever they’re calling it these days.

The version on the left is an alternative to the version on the right. The green and purple icons are arrows, meant to represent the P4 and NPC palettes. Not fond of them? Take the one on the left, which only has your favorite red vs blue arrows.

Accost is the icon I think is my best work yet! It’s full custom and actually looks official! I’m really proud of how this one turned out.

Also, here’s Shadowgift’s younger brother, Holygift.

Last, but most certainly not least, is Haggle (or Trader, if you prefer).

Edit: I just now realized that triple posting is bad. Sorry.


Since nothing is happening anymore, is anyone interested in making a tutorial on how to make skills?
If you need too much prior knowledge then I doubt it’ll be helpful for me, but at least for other people.


Am I seeing this right, did you actually do a patch for the debuff bug?
Because splitting the army up in every chapter is a incredibly tedious thing to do for me, since I’m editing the already existing events and not doing a completely fresh hack.
So it would be very useful to have one.


There’s a UPS available at the top, and I made one in .event format.

Patch is in post 214ish.
PM me with any more questions. :slight_smile:


Ah, I see now.
Unfortunately I already made some edits to these chapters, guess I have to redo it.
Is there really no other way to fix this?
It’s not a problem to do it this way, but shouldn’t there be a way to fix the bug, rather than finding a way around it?
Anyway, where’s the UPS file?
I only found the events.


The UPS is the the opening post. Sorry if these don’t work out well for you. The system is really designed for starting ROMs from scratch, and one would make sure their homemade unit blocks are split up. There may be a fix sometime, but don’t quote me on that.


The fix is simply moving the location in ram where units are created to an earlier spot so that it doesn’t bump into the debuff table. The problem is verifying that doing this doesn’t break other things.


Hello I’m having a bit of an issue where after installing this patch it replaces the prologue with Boss Rush and it doesn’t advance to the next chapter from here. It is the only patch I have installed and would love to figure out why this happens or if I can reinstall it without it doing this again.


Kirb created a fix for the debuff bug and sent it to me (seems to work like Tequila said), but I don’t know if he has uploaded it somewhere yet.


ORG 0xBA30
WORD 0x203ED40

ORG 0xBA54
WORD 0x203ED40

ORG 0xFA34
WORD 0x203ED40

ORG 0xD5B80
WORD 0x203ED40
(fix for the debuff glitch, seems to work according to slendy)

Problem with fixing the stat debuff glitch

Could it be that Aether (and maybe Sol too?) is a bit buggy? Sometimes when it triggers while at full health it glitches out the HP, becoming a oneshot at the next hit. >:

I also tested it on a fresh ROM with Eirika.


Question - How do skills work with a randomizer? Can they be randomized at all? Thanks in advance.


The randomiser was created before the skill system was created. They are not compatible.


Updated the Skills System Vanilla patch:



Um… I dunno if I should report this at all provided I’m using the version of the 2018 Skill system provided be FE Builder, but the debuff effects of Seal skills persist after the chapter has ended and do not disappear on the World Map or the next chapter.