[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


For assigning skills? There’s a separate table that holds pointers to skill lists for classes, plus I think there’s a table for skills you just want specific character to have. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, though.
Look in the CSV folder of the buildfile.


Yes, there is a text document that comes with the package that defines which skills are learned and at which level. It’s located in: ./Engine Hacks/Skill System/skill_lists.event.

*Edit: additional info - the skill ID’s that you need to type into that lists document are in the skill_definitions.event file in the same folder. Descriptions of what the skills do are in ./text/skilldesc_text.txt.


I’ve been playing around with this in the vanilla campaign and have found a couple issues so far:

  1. The debuff bug that has been documented previously. Any patch that can fix this without editing every relevant chapter’s data?
  2. Mercy only affects the first hit in a battle round. Thus, if you select “Mercy” and reduce their hit points to minimum on the second strike, they will still die.
  3. Paragon gets glitchy at times. I believe it may occur when the total experience gained exceeds 100 or if it causes multiple level-ups in a single exp gain. For example, I gave Paragon to Ross and had him kill a chapter boss and it screwed up his level/exp display and further exp gains until I exited and restarted the ROM.


The patch is linked in the first post.

Mercy I’ll look into. Paragon I found the issue, should be fixed in the next release


Here are a few more things I’ve noticed:

  1. I’ve seen Natural Cover’s bonus applied if my unit OR the opponent is in rough terrain.
  2. Vantage makes both your first attack and follow-up occur before the attacker strikes. I believe it typically only affects the first attack and not the follow-up in other games.
  3. The Sleep status icon (crossed-out boot) moves over the sleeping unit as the animation plays. It does not seem to do this during the opponent’s phase.
  4. I have yet to see Opportunist’s bonus be applied.

If these observations are not useful, please let me know and I will stop posting them.

I have made a custom skill allocation, so the generic UPS patch in the first post will not serve my purposes (unless I am missing something). Is there a convenient way to circumvent the 16-unit-per-group limit? Right now I am doing it by exporting every single vanilla chapter and splitting the unit groups, which is laborious and prone to breaking things because I am super inexperienced with EA. Thanks.


Pretty sure someone has done this already.[quote=“circleseverywhere, post:183, topic:2312”]
updated the vanilla fe8 with skills link: https://www.mediafire.com/?10v42h251xtamw1
Yep. This should save you some time.


“I have made a custom skill allocation, so the generic UPS patch in the first post will not serve my purposes”.

That said, @beccarte; you are missing that if you just edited the skills and their learn levels (and not the quantity of skills learned by each class), then it should mostly be in the same place (or otherwise findable by using Search commands in a hex editor), so you could find it via EA’s MESSAGE prompt and place your edited tables over the old ones?


I didn’t know it was a UPS patch. Sorry.

I have the fixed events already finished, though. If you’d like, I could cook up an EA patch with them that should fix your problem without dallying with UPS.


Thanks, guys. I appreciate the help. I am still learning EA so, @Snakey1, if it would not be a huge undertaking, I would love to have such a patch that would be both functional and allow me to see how you went about it code-wise.

@2WB, I did play around with your solution concept and I do think it would be workable and within my currently meager capabilities. However, I would like to have the option to expand the lists if possible. For example, it would be cool to assign more skills to the revenants, evil eyes, and such. If @Snakey1 is not opposed, I will take a look at what he cooks up.


I’m glad I kept those event files around. I knew they’d be useful eventually.
Give me a day or two and I’ll have them all sorted out for you hopefully. :slightly_smiling_face:


Use this to fix the debuff bug for vanilla FE8 events in EA format. Just add…

#include "Fixes for Events/Fix Installer.event"

to the end of the ROM Buildfile.event and put this folder in Skills System folder.

PM me with any bugs.

EDIT: (9/1/17)
Redownload please. I rooted out a major bug. Everything should be fine now. Also be sure to comment out the event installer and map installers in the ROM buildfile. Some prologue opening text may be weird unless you remove some text installation, but it shouldn’t effect gameplay.


Thanks to @Snakey1, I’ve gotten it working. The last issue I have is a tileset issue with the tower of Valni. This issue is also present for me when using only the vanilla skills UPS patch in the first post. When entering Valni, everything seems to work fine event-wise but the tileset looks like this:

Anyone know what needs to be done to alleviate this issue? Thanks.

*Edit: the pointers in the chapter data all look identical to vanilla.


Mh so this project is fully completed ?
be any chance, is this working with the new tool GBA builder ?


129 skills done, more on the way

Gee, I dunno.


You sense wrong then, I was just being genuinely happy.
Hopefully some great projects will be born from the community’s combined efforts, as there are much more tools and documentation now compared to 2012.
Cheers Kloky


So I’ve been screwing around with your skill system for some time now, and I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock trying to modify the effects of skills. Specifically I’ve attempted to modify the .s files associated with each skill but apparently somehow those files are (to my knowledge) being compressed into .dmp files before being loaded by the skill installer. How exactly is this happening?


To recompile asm files, drag and drop them into assemble arm.bat.


I actually just ran the bat file from the command line with the filename as an argument but thanks anyway. Actually I came across another problem, I was able to successfully modify skills but I ran into some issues creating new ones. I tried creating new s/dmp files and modifying what appeared to be all the relevant txt/events (skilldesc_text.txt, Battle Calculations.event, Skill System.event, skill_definitions.event, etc.) but I may have missed some. When I do that and apply the patch apparently it runs exactly like the clean copy, any idea as to what’s going on?


Alright, so I’m trying to install this patch with custom definitions, after downloading the project folder to test skills specifically, and commenting out the events and map for the project folder. I then downloaded the vanilla, and was given the same error, which seems to be in the skills system itself. The error I’m getting is[details=Error]

Could anybody help or provide a fix? Thank you in advance


(I did the messing with the Skill System release from the GitHub)

It looks like you tried to comment out the table installer too. Don’t do that. The skill system needs some tables to work (namely all the tables whose names are referred by the error you posted).

I just commented out #include "Events/Release_map.event", #include "Events/World Map Events Installer.event" & #include "Maps/Master Map Installer.event" from ROM Buildfile.event, ran MAKE HACK_full.bat, and the whole thing assembled without issues (both with EA 11.0 & 11.1, for the record, even if some warnings were raised by 11.1). The game itself kinda broke on me (blame the tables that were leftover from circles’ older project(s)), but after removing the Class, Char, Item & Chapter Data tables, it ran fine (except for the part where story text is broken since it’s replaced by Skill Descriptions and what not, this is basically a non issue if you’re making a full custom hack, since you’d replace those anyway).