[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


There we go.


This is incredible work. I am a casual player (read: not a ROM hacker) and I am stoked to try it.

Forgive my ignorance, but this vanilla .ups file that you linked to… is it possible to use it with modified skill tables? I downloaded and played around with your skill allocation tables (which was surprisingly simple and even I was able to manage it) and they work in the boss rush demo. I want to try the campaign with my changes, but sadly I cannot figure out how to do so using this .ups file with my limited/nonexistent experience. Thanks.


Your skill system download should have come with, among other things, a file called “Rom Buildfile.event” and “MAKE_HACK_full.cmd”. Download the vanilla FE8 with skills patch and apply it to a clean rom (use NUPS for this.) Place the rom (name it FE8_clean.gba) and run Makehack. Before running Makehack, go into the Rom Buildfile and comment out (place // before a line) everything but the tables, since that is all you are editing. Running Makehack will create another .ups that you can apply to your rom. Then you can play FE8 with your skills. (The pre-existing UPS will only apply the default version of the system, as it was created with that in mind.)


I appreciate the clear directions! I commented out all of the changes in the build file except the first two (text and CSV changes only, no engine hacks, events, or maps). After doing this and running the make hack full program, I got 97 errors of the following form:

File FE8 Level Up Skill Editor.event, Line 8, Column 1: Symbol EphraimLordSkillList isn’t in scope

It looked like these were defined in the skill_lists.event files I was messing with, so I added the following line to the top of the build file:

#include “Engine Hacks/Skill System/skill_lists.event”

After that, I got 10 errors of the following type:

File FE8 Skill Animation Editor.event, Line 17, Column 1: Symbol AdeptAnim isn’t in scope

I am not sure what to do about these. Please let me know if I need to include something else or if I am going about this the wrong way. Thanks!


I had this done a long time ago… :cry:


Also if I may add(As of now I just put everything to 0 in the Skill Animation Editor ) when ever I open the rom with my edits, I just get a white screen and nothing else.


Quick question: Is there a strength/magic split that’s compatible with the skill system?




Should I suggest some?

  • FE5 Wrath/Osian Rage/Hot-headed: +30/50 Crit when attacked by a enemy.
  • Bargain: Acts like Silver Card w/o item. May or may not stack with the actual Silver Card item.
  • Trader: Sell prices are multiplied by 0.5x (for example, have Red Gems sell for 3750 instead of the usual 2500).
  • Merchant: Combination of Bargain and Trader.
  • Hoplon’s Blessing: Nullify critical hit rates.
  • Pavis’ Rune: Nullify damage bonuses from effective weapons (Horseslayer/Halberd/Zanbato, Armorslayer/Heavy Spear/Hammer, Bows and Ballistae, anti-flyer magic, Swordslayers, Slayer skill, Anti-monster weapons, and any custom anti-weapon, not including Reaver weapons.)
  • Dain’s Shield: Nullify Bow, Ballistae, Aircalibur, Excalibur damage bonus, +5 Resistance.
  • Fili’s Guard: Nullify Bow, Ballistae, Aircalibur, Excalibur damage bonus, +5 Defense.
  • Delphi’s Blessing: Nullify Bow, Ballistae, Aircalibur, Excalibur damage bonus, +5 Speed.
  • Hades: Nullify all damage/Impede enemy from attacking until fourth turns (4, 8, 12…) or until attacked a fourth time. (Jedah’s skill)
  • Loptyr’s Guard/Shadow Shield: Nullifies damage and doubles attack, unless attacked by specific weapons. (Raydrik’s skill)


I’d also like to see Resolve make an appearance.

Boosts STR/SPD/DEF by 1.5x if under 50% or 30% HP.


Unless i’m doing something wrong, moonbow doesn’t seem to work, i made it eirika’s personal skill, and in combat nothing happens, not any indicator of the skill charging and when it should proc nothing actually hapens.
Am i doing something wrong or its just charge skills are still WIP?


Is there some hack in this that makes it so that when you kill a boss, the critical hit animation always plays?


probably not but that’s a cool idea


actually there is lol, it’s called flashy mode


Is that really a thing? You coded that?



Oh neat. Was worried I ran into some odd bug.


Okay, this awesome mod has inspired me to try to learn some FE ROM hacking to perhaps eventually contribute to the community. I thought it would be a start to try to get the “vanilla skills” version engineered myself as an exercise. (In other words, figure out how the Boss Rush map was implemented and remove it.) I made the following modifications:
-Comment out the map and event sections of the main ROM buildfile.
-Edit the text buildfile and remove the 0x160 Boss Rush text block.
-Edit the “Pointer table editor.csv” file and change the 0x04 and 0x07 Prologue values to those I extracted from the vanilla FE8 ROM.

So far, everything appears to function correctly in-game excepting that all the dialogue has been replaced by skill descriptions. I snooped about the text installation files, but I am not sure I understand where this issue arises from. Would an experienced modder be able to give me a clue? Thanks much!


The skill system inserts its text over text entries 0x903 and beyond

which are the story text’s text slots.


Thanks, I see what you mean after examining the text entries in the unmodified ROM. The ultimate tutorial v2 that I have been consulting does cover how to add text but does not appear to discuss how to add new text entries that are not overriding old ones. I will try just assigning the next highest text ID beyond that which was occupied in the vanilla ROM.


this uses the character and class abilities slots in nightmare right?