FE8 Skill system patch incompatible with the randomizer?

So I’m working on a personal FE8 mod with the express purpose of making it more fun/balanced to randomize and in the latest version I’d like to incorporate the skill system patch, but unfortunately the randomizer gives me an error message along the lines of “The element was already added”, it’s apparently trying to add a “Key 951316” that’s already in it and that completely shuts the whole thing down? Is that a common issue, is there a fix for that at all or is the skill system patch just doomed to be unrandomizable?

FE8 Self Randomizer already randomizes skills and is ingame rather than a program. I’d suggest you look at that for randomized skill system.

I’d prefer to make my own mod, with the changes that I personally want in it, to be compatible with the randomizer even with the skill system installed - If I was willing to just ditch it for the self randomizer, I wouldn’t have asked how to fix it in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

You could implement the self randomizer to your own mod as an option, although if you really want to make it compatible with a randomizer program, then you’re better off making one of your own, as the randomizer uses constant offsets, i’m pretty sure.