[FE8] (SKILL PATCH) Change skill proc effects

Okay, so, this is a really specific thing that I want to do with the skill patch, and I’m not sure if it’s done already or anything like that since I’m not really up to date on the absolute newest version of the skill system patch. My apologies.

In vanilla FE8, Pierce, Sure Strike, and Great Shield all have this little white-blue light effect when they activate. Is it possible to modify the skill system’s visual effects such that, instead of static images flashed onscreen briefly, proc skills could use that animation from the vanilla version of the game with different color palettes applied to it? i.e. a green one for Astra, a gold one for Sol, etc.

The static images just look really ugly and “unprofessional” to me, but having no special effect at all seems rather anticlimactic and leaves the player without much indicator that a skill has activated at all.

Are you using febuilder? You can import new skill animations (emblem-anims has a bunch) in the skill config editor.

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Oh okay this has already been resolved and available to do stuff with for a while now then.

Thanks for letting me know! I feel like a doofus now for just going off my outdated memory of what the skill system patch used to be like.