[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


I’m playing around with changing the stat caps but am a FE modding noob. If you don’t mind sharing, how did you go about fixing the overflow on the stats? Thanks much!


Got a Bael with lumina (Gilliam) and he cannot use an “E” level light magic (lightning)? Also, this mod is incredible! I’m loving the details like skills and such! very well done, and I’m thrilled to know you are still actively fixing bugs!

Lumina: Allows the user to use[N]
Light Magic. (Uses highest Magic Rank)[X]

According to the skill descrption, Lumina uses the unit’s highest magic rank.
Baels have no magic ranks, so the skill is useless on them.


that is very disappointing…


If you really wanted to, you could teach him dark magic using evil eye if you have any units that spawned with any, or if you have any units with capture.

Though even so, he probably won’t have an animation for it.


yeah, I was hoping their was another legit way. I would just use the reset glitch to control the enemies but still I mourn the loss of what might be.


You can’t use the reset glitch but you can use the konami code


I’m not sure why, but on chapter 12 a lot of my units have HUGE debuffs to stats, like -17 to magic and -30 to max HP?

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this is a pic of one of them, zero speed and strength. This bug is gamebreaking as it’s affecting 6 or 7 units including Ephraim.

Note the 22/22 max hp, this unit usually has a solid 45.

I have amnesia scrolls in this run so I’m prety sure I have the latest version?


I suggest you try to repatch. I had a similar issue, but downloading the latest version fixed it. You should be able to import the save without issue.


Would it be possible to put more classes in the randomizer?


I encountered an odd glitch involving the Ephraim Gaiden chapter. Immediately afterwards, my Artur had lost some Weapon Levels. He started at C and had been using this Killing Edge that is now greyed out.



  • Use the Konami code if you’re really stuck
    Konami code? Hmm…What kind of code is there and where should I enter it? Thanks.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start. You can do it anywhere in a chapter.


Skill Scrolls sound cool. Is there a way to make them teach specific skills (ie a Wrath Manual teaches Wrath?)


At the moment, they’re only random


Well this happened…?

I’m so confused. Yes let me just target this empty space, heal a clone of myself, then not actually regain any HP myself because I was healing a me that wasn’t me. …AI go home you’re drunk.


hmm what did feu mean by this

Also, yes, the enemy AI and Allied unit AI can occasionally target themselves with staves. It’s weird. Happened a TON in FE7CM. I didn’t know FE8 had that particular bug, too.


Staff ai is weird
weird as in the ai for some of the staves don’t check if the user is targeting itself
iirc heal staff doesn’t even check if the target is already at full hp leading to it sometimes trying to heal a person at max hp
there’s a reason vanilla gbafe doesn’t have that many staff using npcs outside of status staff guys lol


oof i miss the glitch where you could milk villages for items