[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


Chapter 9 Eirika’s route seems to be weirdly laggy? https://youtu.be/o404EDaeaxk
If it matters, the seed was “Epic”.

EDIT: Seems to be fixed after clearing the first turn. Could’ve just been an emulator issue.


hot on the heels of the previous release, it’s v1.3

v1.3 changelog:


- Random Class Skills option: Shuffles all learned skills per class! (innate skills e.g. Canto/Shove not shuffled)
- Skill Scrolls (learn a random skill) added to drop list and prep screen shop
- Amnesia Scrolls (forget a learned skill) also added
- Thracia Mode! Put "776" somewhere in your seed to give everyone Capture, set Hit to 1RN and between 1-99!


- Stats no longer overflow/underflow (e.g. demon king HP)
- Dancers and Bards animations don't crash if they double
- Flashy mode now works in vanilla! (all boss kill attacks show the critical animation)
- All items can be sold or discarded
- Debuffs now clear properly between chapters
- Scripted battles end correctly when one character dies
- Nosferatu and Devil Axe fixed in Vanilla Mode


- Skills learned per class redistributed to reflect the new skills available
- Wary fighter removed from dancers/bards since it doesn't crash any more
- When forgetting a skill, you can press R to see the skill description
- Fixed various Capture glitches


Oops there was a little issue with items dropping even if enemies don’t die, but if you redownload the patch it should be fixed. Not worth a full release but if you see this and already downloaded it, you might have the issue.


Im trying to do the konami code for testing purposes but it seems like it doesn’t work, no window pops up for me.


It works for me, even with the newer version. Are u putting it in correctly?


I’ve encountered a problem with this new version. After defeating all the enemies on Chapter 4, the game doesn’t continue. It’s just a flat softlock on the many attempts I’ve done.


Did you install it on a clean rom? If so, did you installed something else after you applied this patch to said rom


This is on a clean ROM with nothing else applied to it.


Did you make any febuilder edits. If not i would probably just try to skip that chapter with the Konami code.


What’s the seed name? Were any savestates or save importing involved?


Fixed a glitch where the game would crash if you tried to move a unit with a torch staff on a fog map, redownload if you experience this


It happened even on the 776 seed. With and without savestates, it still happened.


Displayed attack range is taking ballistas in account, even if a unit can’t use them. They’re still limited to attacking with their actual attack range, so it seems minor.





EDIT: I used a skill scroll and it didn’t teach a skill. Haven’t been able to reproduce this one yet but I’ll see if I can get the same result on any units right after starting a chapter.


the skill scroll probably tried to teach a skill you already had


So going from Phantom Ship to Taizel broke some of my units. A lot of them have random buffs/debuffs and it doesn’t seem to be even in relation to bases or anything.
Fire%20Emblem%20-%20the%20Sacred%20Stones_1550435930123 Fire%20Emblem%20-%20the%20Sacred%20Stones_1550435932891 Fire%20Emblem%20-%20the%20Sacred%20Stones_1550435940593
And it’s not even all my units, it’s just 12 of them, the rest being fine. Some also have half their max HP. The Half HP isn’t even applied to all the units with buffs/debuffs. I also can’t heal back the HP. Skipping the chapter made the debuffs/buffs less plentiful but they were still there on some characters.
Version 1.3 and the seed was 776praISe


I’ve just fixed this, can you try redownloading and repatching, then restart the chapter


This is from the version of 1.3 before you just updated it, but as weird as it sounds, I think the walls got randomized a skill?

They seem to have seal strength, as whenever a unit of mine attacks them, they get a strength debuff.

I also noticed that when trading with a captured unit, that they’re given Fir’s portrait. Is her portrait normally in the FE8 files, or are you planning on adding other character or classes from the other fire emblem GBA game?

Here are some screenshots. https://imgur.com/a/qAdQezz


Ok the seal strength walls thing is actually amazing haha

And it seems you’ve found a clue to the hidden mode


Ah yes. I’d forgotten about Fir mode.


Was it complicated to fix the dancer animation? I want to do the same for Ninian’s animation myself.