[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


I just now downloaded this and it is now my new favorite thing. The only thing I want to know is how the “color is selected” cause some of the sprites that come out end up looking crazy and just a jumbled mess of colors. Is there a way to adjust this in any way?

Cause seeing this is just like, what happened XD.

Amazing patcher you created though!


It is linked to their base class color so you can’t edit the lords or the recruits unit as they are linked to one palette group. To fix Seth replace his palette with the one you create.


@_Blair_Blitz is there an application i can use to edit them?


@231joe33 You would use Fe-Recolor to make the new palette and use BSPalette Assembler to insert it into your Rom.


that probably won’t work because well, stuff probably aren’t on the same place to begin with :v


So this is more or less just part of the experience? XD It’s only minor i still like this regardless.


That is the method I use and have had no problem just if you only edit the first class the character start at palette as it carries over to promotion.


Seth looks so much better now. Thanks for the help! @_Blair_Blitz


Would it ever be possible to include what classes are included into the randomizer?


I think this will recieve no more updates, sadly…


the proyect is not dead woo

v1.2 changelog:

Randomizer Options

- Vanilla Mode (default FE8 skills only)
- Don't randomize generics
- Random map music changes every phase and battle music is random too
- FE7 spinny circle added


- HP and weapon hit are randomized with 1.5RN to be less extreme
- Eirika and Ephraim now have wonky palettes like everyone else
- Support text is fixed
- Bards have an animation now
- Tactician name is displayed at the world map (replacing the lord's name)
- Lunar/Solar Brace can be sold like other promo items
- Many many bug fixes


- Skill system updated to the latest version:
        - Fixed old skills and introducing 36 new skills

Other useful things:

- Press Select at the stats menu to view stats/growths
- You can buy a lot of useful things at the prep screen armory
- Hold L to toggle battle animations on/off
- Hold A to speed up battle animations
- You can shove/drop/etc onto most terrain, useful if you're stuck
- Use the Konami code if you're really stuck
- If you plant the right seed you may find it sprouts into a secret game mode
- Press R on the Donate to Circles screen to find out how to donate


This would most likely have to have a new rom wouldnt it?


Do you mind if i do some stat changes, etc and make a post calling it circles everywhere randomizer + and make a link to this one?


yeah you can call it whatever you like, link to this one is appreciated


Alrighty thank you.


Great update, thanks for keeping this going


Eirika got Canto movement right after Seizing chapter 1. It’s very minor, the game still goes to the next chapter and nothing else seems to be affected. She was rescue dropped and didn’t trigger the reinforcements. If I moved within the reinforcement zone, the reinforcements appeared and seizing went normally.




So it turns out I cannot add longer stat bars because of the skills, do you have a version of 1.2 that doesn’t have skills but is still randomized?


The whole project folder is here, you’re free to remove the skill system from it but it’s far too much work for me. It’s probably easier to learn some ASM and modify the modular stat screen to allow longer stat bars.


Thank you.