[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


I had an interesting experience with my run. Cormag was impossible to recruit, and Joshua convinced me that bases > than growths. Also, didn’t get a single natural healer until freaking Syrene


The game softlocked when a random knight moved onto his friend and tried to Javelin Seth from 3 range.



Fortunately the battle kind of just didn’t happen when I toggled the animations off. I can upload the save with the suspend right before this happened if needed.

EDIT: In general it seems like all these enemies were able to move past my units freely and sometimes “attack” at 3 range. I blame fog

L’arachel when recruited could also sometimes go through people by plotting a movement path through an ally and moving the cursor in some way.



EDIT 2: Seems like every unit can do it somehow. Here I made my Ranger Natasha go 3 right, 1 up, and 2 left and the arrow redirected into the enemy. I could also just make my paladin go 2 left with the same result.


EDIT 3: This happened on the next chapter too. I think it’s boats/somethng about the tile movement setting.


My game froze after this. Seems like something’s up with the movement logic, considering L’arachel only has 5 move. Maybe some tiles have less than 1 move like roads? I dont even know but I think it has to do with the Mast.


I’ve got a request and a possible bug to look into. I’m using 1.1, and I haven’t seen either of these brought up here or on Reddit.

First, the request: I would like there to be a way to open the door and chests in 5x. Maybe this should be added only if the thieves option is “fixed”, because it’s similar. There are various ways this could be done: give the enemies droppable keys as in vanilla, give Orson a lockpick and the personal skill to use it, etc.

Second, the bug: After starting up the prologue at least a dozen times to get a decent Eirika, I noticed that the left-most enemy has exceptionally strange stats on some seeds. I’ve seen him with 20 speed and – speed. He also usually has high defense compared with his neighbor, but that could be normal randomness. The speed seems like a glitch.


one request I have is incorporate more from otaku’s randomizer, such as random weapon traits and the option for randomized and reverse recruitment. Also the ability to buff enemy growths.


Then you should bug Circles. I cannot edit those things in his randomizer.


Bug klok not circles tbh


Bug colorz, he made the skill system


Bug IS. They made the game.


Obligatory preemptive ‘Just bug everyone, ever’

PS, anyone have any particularly interesting seeds, since it’s been awhile?


Eirika managed to lose weapon ranks after promoting, not sure if intended




Intended. When a class promotes, the difference between the base experience of the base class and the new class for each weapon rank is added. If the new class has a lower base weapon rank than the old class, then some weapon exp will be lost, which seems to be the case here. The great knight has a base D rank in lances, and the eirika master lord doesn’t have a rank.


My Bonewalker moulder went down from S weapon rank upon promotion and WILL NOT get S rank again


Now that sounds weird considering unpromoted classes aren’t even supposed to S rank. Did he spawn with it? Was he a Bow Bonewalker or a Sword/Lance?


Sword Lance Bonewalker. He also kept his sword S rank if i remember correctly


Ah, if I remember correctly, isn’t it impossible to have more than 1 S-rank at a time? (Per unit, that is)

I’d say it’s your S-rank in Swords that’s locking you outta S-rank lances on Moulder


I had both beforehand though :confused:


I’ve had something akin to that happen outside of the self-randomizer, Bonewalkers gain huge WExp bonuses upon promotion thanks to their natural double A bases so that oftentimes pushes both to S rank, but the game seems to double check that after combat and corrects one of them down to A (I wanna say the weapon you’re currently using stays at S?)


Maybe. That makes sense


Proccing Astra with 0 damage becomes an insta-kill. I imagine it’s the 0 not playing nice when halved.

Took out my max hp cyclops Dozla, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise.


I don’t know how feasible it is but randomized levelup skills would be cool to have. Thanks again for making this, it’s pretty fun to play out FE8 with this degree of randomization.