[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


It also happens with dancers.


Whenever I get past the world map intro, the game goes black and freezes up. I’m on v1.1, and I haven’t been able to get past this point to play the actual game


What is your play method? Are you using an emulator, 3ds injection, etc.

Also what program did you use to perform the patch?


I use VBA emulator to play, and I used NUPS to patch the file (clean fe8 rom)


Are you still playing v1.0? It should be fixed in 1.1


I was playing 1.0… oops. But save files get a bit weird. everething seems to be alright except weapons when I loaded my save file with version 1.1. Weapons weren’t supposed to be randomized, but they were.

Also, something funny happens when going to a skirmish. After rescuing Ephraim I went to a skirmish in the Za’ha woods. The game thinks it’s the story maps. I could re-recruit Lute although she was even fielded. Going to the village to recruit her only results in teleportation. She was no longer where she initially was,but in stead she spawned out of the village.


Apparently destroyed villages can be visited, and count as being “saved” if the player does so.



More issues found! Ah the ghost ship. But now cavaliers with an iron sword attack at 2 range and mages do it at 3 range and so the game freezes. I don’t know if it’s because the boat has some wieird mechanics (for example the masts cost 0 move insted of acting like walls, so now a myrmidon can walk 6 squares if he traverses a mast) or why this happens. After resetting I tried again but the same thing happened.

Even when adjacent the game freezes.


Happy Easter everyone!


just opened up a brand new game, got recruit Seth with a slim lance and pupil Erika with a Bolting tome.
This is gonna be the best run ever!


Lol, I expected special game modes based on Tactician Seed, but I am ok with this.


Dancers learn Amaterasu at 10, but Bards learn it at 5. Is this intended?


tbh when can we just turn enemy units into blue units with debug mode


Hmmm… is Miracle supposed to work vs Lethality? (no screenshot, unfortunately)


Presumably part of the bug that causes skirmishes to be treated as story maps, it seems villages can be visited repeatedly provided the unit which first does so doesn’t move off the tile which can no longer be move-onto.


Handful of issues/weirdness I’ve been having recently:
My bards aren’t learning amaterasu at all (perhaps because they were already 5 or higher? Idk.)

Gerick - Joshua supports work fine, for some reason, despite any other I’ve seen pulling up ability description text (or in one case, ‘fir’)

Supports are reset on a unit’s death, even in casual. Although, I’d say this doesn’t need to be fixed as it allows you to rebuild your supports if you mess up, and the Tower is a thing. It also makes 100% a bit easier as you can now record all supports you can in a single run.

Critting on a 0% chance. Often. I doubt I’m getting uber lucky with something like gen 1 Pokémon’s ‘any move can miss’ glitch, but it’s possible.

Please, just please change Solar/Lunar braces to be sellable or discardable… I really don’t need 20+ of the darn things. Possibly the Sacred Twins as well, although they at least have durability to waste…


Are the 0% crits on bosses? If so, it’s probably the fancy bosskill thing.


There’s a problem where you only learn skills on level up after combat, not staves/dance - needs fixing still

Support text is broken yep

Neat, didn’t know abou the supports thing but it makes sense

Every boss kill is a crit

Noted with solar brace


0% Crits weren’t just on bosses, I’ll try to farm up a screenshot. The dance/staves thing is a bit of a shame, but ah well. As far as broken supports… Yeah, I knew since it was mentioned earlier in the thread… I was just surprised that some weren’t broken after all. Also,

Physic can apparently be used on yourself, does give exp, but the heal doesn’t stick. If you’re the only target in range, though, you’ll need to refresh the action menu (or whatever it’s called) to get the staff option to appear, by opening and closing your items or whatnot


I’ve had some issues involving droppable items and items that will not appear in chests/events. Trainees have a bad habit of dropping antitoxins, pure waters, javelins, etc. You cannot get Excalibur if you are on randomized events (I tested for hours). The Necromancer class is missing from the class pool (it would be awesome to have for pre promotes only). Eclipse can have wacky stats (over 100 mt and like 20 hit while it is still hard coded to deal half the foe’s HP). Lyon doesn’t have naglfar in the final battle, the demon king doesn’t have nightmare, and using wretched air (via mine glitch) on a monster unit at 2 range softlocks the game (simple fix is to turn off wretched air animation on all classes but draco zombie and manakete). Another cool idea I have is an option to have every character (player and enemy) have a legendary weapon. Also, there should be an option to turn off monster classes. These are only a few of the issues I’ve discovered. If you need some help finding bugs, just tell me.