[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


So is their a fix for brigands not able to move through cliff if they are a different class or restart?


You can Shove your units through the mountains unless they all happen to be cavaliers


these are Peak tiles, though. You’ll only be able to use Shove to push a unit in one space before you find yourself not being able to make any progress. Anyone can move through a Mountain tile, albeit slowly, but Brigands and Berserkers are the only ones who can traverse Peak tiles(and fliers too). If Bone doesn’t spawn as a flying unit or a Brigand, or if any of your units can’t take on Bone if they can even reach him, you’re kinda stuck and your only option is to restart the chapter and hope you get lucky. In a future update, there should be an option to force Bone to stay a Brigand even if everything else is randomized.


Can you maybe turn down the Dancers with Shadowshot? They’re really annoying and numerous.

All of these guys have it, and there are more on the bottom part of the map.

Dancers are strong, they can twoshot anyone.


Hey there; I think I may have come across a bug.

I used a Ballista with animations ON, and the game crashed. When I reopened the game in my emulator, my save had been entirely wiped.

I can provide more details if you’d like; off the top of my head I remember it was Chapter 4, and I was attacking another archer with my Sniper Seth.


I meant as a foe, specifically on one skirmish map (Image in my previous post). Interestingly enough, Morva, the boss of chapter 20 is a Manakete but has a sprite.


Yeah i fixed invisible manaketes for the next release, it was specific to skirmish/tower enemies


FSniper and archer ballista anims don’t work, this will be fixed next release though I’m not sure why it would erase your save that sounds like the emulators fault


You can use Shove more than once though. I’ve found that you can get past most obstacles with a combination of Shove/Rescue drops, and preferably having a ranged attacker.

I think the guy could've Shoved Sniper Seth on the tile below the Mercenary to get one thief, move out, then head down the column to the right of the Soldier to kill the other one, and do a Shove chain to get Bone.


Heyo, encountered a glitch.
I was arena grinding (like a scrub) at the first arena, got well over 100,000 gold. After that chapter and the ensuing cutscene, however, my gold was dropped to 50. Serves me right for Arena Abusing I guess, just wanted to make people aware that that can apparently happen.

Also, certain maps in Ephraim’s route become near impossible if you don’t have a flying unit (specifically the Ghost Ship level, where if you lack sufficient shoving power, you’re stuck and unable to progress further in the game) This has been brought up before, but I thought it was worth repeating (sorry if that was an annoyance)


I’m still on 0.9 because i haven’t had time to update, but i’ve encountered the same thing over the weekend (~60,000 -> 10). I’m thinking that Ephraim’s 5x is overwriting Erika’s money? (perhaps only if you gain money during that chapter? This isn’t tested, though, but normally you can’t gain or lose money in 5x. Bags of money, however, can spawn due to the randomizer, so…)

I’ve been converting all my Arena Abused money into items as a workaround, but… since items sell for half price, you lose half of the money you waged a war against RNG to get. (Screw Silver Sword Myrms, Hail General Seth)

(PS, is there a way to convert bags of money into the full amount? I’ve had a couple characters of mine spawn with them, non-droppable, and if you try to sell them they end up half-priced like everything else. On the other hand, it’s so uselessly small that it might be worth removing it from the randomness)


5x money will be fixed in 1.1, it’s because the gold check always returns 0 on ch5x, so when it tries to give you gold it gives you 0+amount instead of currentgold+amount


Are there any plans to add an option to increase the growths of enemies because personally the game is a bit easy without it. Also, great job on this (:


v1.1 released!


  • fixed 5x money
  • fixed duessel movement
  • fixed hit rates over 127
  • fixed invisible manaketes
  • fixed ballista anims
  • fixed Astra tinks
  • fixed heal at max hp?
  • fixed units with unbreakable weapons (bard/dancer) crash
  • dancers and bards get anima now
  • handling peak/water units
  • random music option added
  • hold A to speed up battle anims (and B to pause)

remaining glitches:

  • supports text broken
  • aether/sol healing? (can’t replicate problem)
  • can’t learn skills from dance/staff levels


That’s uh… quite the new title screen.
Very creative.


(Posting from mobile so please excuse formatting)

Note this is all from playing on v1.1.
Im adding extra details in case something I selected is what caused the following.
Normal difficulty and the team name Nakoyan.
Other settings were 100% variation, random personals, pure random water/peak, random weapons, chest and event items randomised, random music and finally, Casual mode.

Playing Erikia’s route, the Tower and skirmish battles were treated as story maps and had appropriate events. This is to say leader has to be in party and no retreat option. For example the Adlas Plain skirmish always has fog, village is visitable, there’s 3 civilians to save (if saved, random item at the end) and objective is defeating the boss. Also the team placement is on the bottom left instead of bottom middle.
Having tested a bit with Za’Ha Woods, it seems I can’t recruit Lute a second time, but visiting the village will teleport her to the tile under the village if shes on the team, or spawn her there if not.

Large-seeming bug aside, some other stuff:

  1. Was the forced promotion event for lords left in? I haven’t proceed to that chapter yet in 1.1 but didn’t see patch notes saying otherwise.
  2. Are minimum growths set to 5% now or have I been lucky in not getting any 0% in 1.1?
  3. Dancer rings lack.descriptions, Mine does too and is still called Dummy.
  4. Of the 3 Civilians in chapter 6 (or the skirmish), 2 have a random weapon in their inventory fir some reason. Not useable.
  5. Finally, would it be possible to make Dragonstones and Solar/Lunar Brace and Rapier sellable ir atleast allow one to discard them? Dragonstones have a decent chance some unit can use them although not certain, but the Braces are just dead space.

Once again, loving the hack and can’t wait to see what else will be added. Thia run I got a theif Vanessa witth the personal Rightful God. Items galore, and later OHKOs!


yep the skirmish issue i’ve fixed for the next release

  1. plot promotion is left in, it was always optional anyway
  2. minimum growths can be 0
  3. dancer rings should have names, at least - do they not?
  4. Weird but it doesn’t break anything i guess
  5. the braces can be used to promote any eirika/ephraim lords you get and dragonstones are usable by several monster classes, not just dragons - but they’ll probably be made sellable


Have only fiddled around with 1.1 a little so far so I only have two things to report, but I do have a few questions.

  1. Would it be possible to get a list of classes with the skills they learn to help players choose their promotions?

  2. Do gender specific skills like Demoiselle effect units by the character’s gender, or the unit’s gender? (Eg Seth is male, but his class is a female General)

  3. How do you feel monster units stack up against normal units? My first instinct is that they’re at a disadvantage as they learn less skills and many of the tier 1 monsters have low bases (Bonewalker, Revenant, etc)

Also the two things I found worth mentioning are that it is possible for bosses early on to spawn as a Priest and thus cannot fight, and that holding b to pause animations does not affect the animations of spells in case that’s unintended, though otherwise it’s not an issue.


The rings indeed have names (They can’t be sold, but discarding is an option so not deadweight without dancer or bard), I meant Mine as in the trap. I should have added a “s” to the end, sorry for confusion.

Braces accumulate over time with randomized items, especially if using a character with Despoil. In 1.0 I finished the tower postgame 3 times for secret units, by the end I had 13 Braces. While getting one monster unit is likely, having one let alone multiple non promoted lords for Braces use is less common.


Played with seed “Kogasa”, animation locked up in Ch2 because NPC Garcia decided to heal someone at full HP.