[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


Quick question, but on the FEBuilder’s version of the skills system, the cunning skill does not work, and you actually have to assign the class the ability in order for them to be able to use lockpicks or see in the dark. I just asking if the skills like those now work in this rom or you skill have to go in and assign the ability through FEBuilder or Nightmare.


Cunning is a Display only skill, I believe. Circles might have changed this.


It’s still display only but it doesn’t get randomized now


Just want to say I’m loving this, I never dreamed such a thing was possible and it’s so much more convenient than manual randomizing.

So far I’ve found a few bugs, including one from 0.8 that presumably still is in 0.9:

Manaketes lack a map sprite, making them invisible.


Using a Master Seal on a Soldier makes the screen flash black once before returning to the game. No promotion, item isn’t used up. Oddly enough it causes the unit’s portrait to turn black until the screen is exited:


Promoting a Knight or Cavalier doesn’t show battle sprite preview, or promotion animation but otherwise works fine.


Mauthe Dog class has been renamed to Mauthe Doog, unsure if intended.


Son, I’ve got bad news for you.

It was always Mauthe Doog.


Unfortunately no screenshots, but… a handful of glitches that occurred. Maybe it can be replicated?
Seed: SteamBun
Varience: 100%
No other settings changed
Easy Mode
Android Emulator (if you need to know which, ask. i’m not entirely sure on policy for that)

In the opening, Erika -> Gargoyle or Deathgoyle, Seth -> Warrior, skipped/don’t remember Valter vs Seth
The tutorial/first playable stage, however, resulted in:
Ranger Seth with Killer Bow, Frenzy, Canto, Certain Blow, and Sure Shot
Recruit Erika with Steel Lance, Colossus, Shove, and Patience.

Turn 1, Erika forced to move to Seth via Tutorial, but i decided to Shove him instead of waiting. Might be important to replicate the glitchiness.
Turn 2, bandits attack. Erika evades the first blow, 45% hit rate but manages to one-shot the bandit in return… and proceeds to double anyways, despite the opponent being dead (afterwards, Seth does his normal text, followed immediately by the ‘only the leader remaining’ text) [Edit: Might be a scripted Double, considering she spawned with a whopping 0 speed, and her weapon is pretty heavy. 6 con, 13 weight]
Turn 3, CPU-controlled Seth rides past Erika and also attacks the bandit Erika killed, despite being out of range, having moved through that very square, and the opponent having died last turn. (this re-triggers the ‘only the leader remaining’ text)
Turn 3, Enemy Phase, Bandit Leader attacks Seth, who proceeds to counter despite wielding only a Killer Bow and having been attacked at melee range. (Both Seth and the Leader miss)
Edit: Turn 4. Forced to move Erika next to Bandit Leader and attack (i suppose i could’ve Shove him). Hit despite only having a 7% chance, got killed, and Erika still doubled, even while dead. (Presumably, this is another scripted sequence rather than actual glitchiness)

Conclusion: Well. Died in the tutorial. that was an extremely short run. Note to self: Start on Normal next time.


I think that would fall under “scripted battles being broken”, since a lot of Easy mode is forced movement.


Yeah, it’s kind of a given for these sorts of things that they’re usually not meant to be played on easy. Play on normal or hard and you should be fine for the most part.


Probably. On the plus side, restarting with a different seed gave me Bard Garcia and Dancer Ross, so hooray for bard chaining.


v1.0 Released!

###New things:
Random Items (chest and event)
Random Weapon Stats
Casual Mode (you scrub)

###Fixed things:
Various skill fixes
Rogues don’t randomize if thieves are fixed


When you say randomized weapon stats, does that include range, rank and special effects or just things like atk, crit and hit?


just to ask, how do you change the randomizing settings?


Chapter 5x was filled with bolting pupils that wiped me out in 2 turns. I love this.
Can monsters promote?


Never mind my previous statement, i just got version 1.0


Will monsters be able to promote using Earth Seals? It’d be unfortunate to get a great unit who can’t promote because they’re stuck as a monster class.


I’ve noticed that when you do a support a skill is shown at the top left for a short period of time, is that skill then available to the units that supported?


Master Seals can promote all “tier 1” units! There’s even a class skill for each tier 2 monster, learned at level 10 (rather than one at 5 and one at 15).

Some bugs from 1.0:
Manaketes seem to have a map sprite when moving and attacking, just not when idle so there’s still invisible dragons.
Nihil doesn’t work if attacked by a unit with Dazzle. I’m almost certain it got canceled successfully it in 0.9.
Mine, Light Rune, Nina’s Grace (And the other dancer rings) appear to work fine, but have the placeholder “DUMMY” name and description.
Eirika and Ephraim can be ‘‘force-promoted’’ through the standard game event regardless of their current class.


No, that’s just the support conversation text being replaced with the skill description, it doesn’t last long because it doesn’t have any text command that waits for an input.


Dazzle is not in the list of skills affected by nihil, we are currently fixing up skills and I’ll make sure to add skills that should be in there when I’m done.

You can find the list under the label “NegatedSkills” in “Engine Hacks\Skill System\Internals\SkillSystem.event”


I was under the impression you couldn’t get a Manakete since they were removed from the randomization pool. Do you have the seed for it?