[FE8] Scaling Bonuses Based on Weapon Ranks


This asm hack gives bonuses based on how many weapon ranks the user has above the minimum required rank for their equipped weapon. For each rank above the minimum, grants +5 hit, +2 might, and +1 attack speed. These values were assigned by request of @2WB, as was the hack idea as a whole. The default installation is 0xb2a700, but if you have already used that, (and i assume you would have) just change the free space macro in the EA installer to some free space you DO have. If you would like the values tweaked, feel free to ask and ill change them for you.



EA Installer


So if an Iron Lance (E rank) has 7 Mt, and a Silver Lance has 12 Mt (B rank)…
By the time you can use Silver Lances (B rank) your Iron Lances will have 13 Mt…
Doesn’t make much sense, but ok, it’s always good to have new stuff. xD


The original context is less silly (but probably still rather silly); of a single tome with this property that with an A rank wielder is on par with A rank tomes; but you can throw it on somebody with a weapon rank all the way down to E-- and at each of those ranks, it functions as an expensive form of additional damage output; with some risk of failure and a risk of severe damage.

Those are mitigated by rank, hence the +% hit and +AS; then the Might was so that the weapon doesn’t start out with ridiculous stats.

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I suppose in its current state it is fairly exclusive to the @2wb system, which is why i offered to tweak the values should anyone else find this appealing.

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wouldn’t the easiest thing to do be to set up a table that each user can customise on their own?

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You are obviously more thoughtful than i am! Its not really that hard for me, and as i made it primarily for 2WB, i hadn’t even thought of that. If people show interest in this, however, of course i can rig one up after i finish helping teq.