[FE8] Saving in the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins

Change $9500C from 13 to 00 and $9500A from 24 to 25

Write C0 46 05 E0 at $9500C to allow saving at the preparation screen in the tower/ruins. Might be useful if you need more chapter slots.

fixed because it wasn’t working properly


Hahaha like oh my god I love you.

I was hoping there was a way to enable this, actually.

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Also: There’s a pointer table at $BD088 that has either $080BD1A8 or $080BD1E4 for each chapter. By default every chapter is A8 except the following which have E4:

  • Prologue
  • Ch1
  • 5x
  • 12Eir
  • Final 1 & 2 Eir
  • 12Eph
  • Final 1 & 2 Eph
  • LordsSplit
  • “the interesting map”
  • Debug Map
  • 11Eir
  • 11Eph
  • All the cutscene maps

Changing the pointer for the Tower of Valni index from A8 to E4 disables the “Retreat” menu command and force deploys Eirika/Ephraim depending on mode.

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My curiosity is piqued.

It looks like this:

Your allies include Sage!Innes, Wyvern Knight!Syrene, Manakete!Bone, and a Druid named Summon.

Your enemies include Wyvern Knight!Cormag, General!Orson, EirikaLord!Valter, EphraimLord!Kyle, Manakete!Knoll, and Fomortiis himself.



have i mentioned my love of weird-ass leftover maps like this lately? because holy hell i love weird-ass leftover maps like this

This is the best one. I imagine there was some phase in development where they were debating whether to add fanservice or not and the lead developer is like “Well what if Eirika walks in on Valter wearing her clothes and he screams ‘kyaaaa!’ and throws a towel at her after calling her a perverted hentai?” to which the other devs said 'We’ll just put that on the… ‘maybe’ list."


wait, you mean that’s not how chapter 16 went down? something must be very wrong/right with my copy


It appears that this list of chapters are the only ones you can reach with MNC2 (skip world map). If you force all table entries to E4 instead of A8 you can use MNC2 to skip the world map entirely for all chapters. Change the byte at 0xbd07c to 08 if you want to force all chapters to E4.


Oh, this makes it treat certain chapters as skirmishes. Use with caution


8009dec checks the chapter ID against 0x38 (castle frelia) and skips saving for that one chapter ID.