[FE8] Sacred War assets

Link contains all assets created for the “Sacred War” hack


  • Battle Animations of:
    Cavalier (M)(Sword and Spear) for those that (still) use Feditor and want to fix the corrupted graphics
    Mage Knight (M)(F)(Sword) (Requires a Spell Animation to work properly)
    Mimic (Monster) (Requires a Spell Animation to work properly)
    Manakete(F)(Myrrh) for normal casting and Grand casting (Requires a Spell animation to work properly)
    Oracle (F) which is based on the available “Mage(F)” animation but it’s redesigned and recolored to match the vanilla “Dancer” palette (Requires a Spell animation to work properly)
    Sniper Ballista (M)(F) (Requires a Spell animation to work properly)

  • All Battle Backgrounds used and as well as
    2 pictures for measuring and to have an idea where the battle frames and sprites are
    and a “Global TSA (Hex)” file that can work with all and everything even you create
    (Just paste the TSA file in Free Space)
    Use GBAge to insert the images and their palettes.
    Use a Hex Editor to repoint all TSA pointers to the new Global TSA.

  • The Battle Frames used in Hex form:
    Insert the “Battle Frame Image (Hex)” on free space and repoint to the new graphic.
    Insert the “Battle Frame TSA (Hex)” on top of the old original TSA in @80210C, not in free space.
    Palette is the the same as original (@802558)

  • Chapter and Main Menu Backgrounds
    Use GBAge to insert the images and their palettes.

  • Class Map Sprites
    The Mimic one can replace most usual class map sprites
    Then Oracle map sprite can only work on top of the Dancer map sprite and only.

  • Inventory Icons
    Contains Icons used and even those not used in the hack. Take them all.

  • Mug redesigns
    Some few ones if anyone cares.

  • Spell Animations
    All new custom ones.

  • Stat Screen Background

  • Title Screen Background


Thanks for sharing your work! I’m looking forward to trying your hack out soon :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to say that I love the Battle Backgrounds!

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This is awesome. Not everyone would just release all of their assets like this. Thank you! :heart:

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uh could you give us a guide as to what weapon icons correspond to what weapons?

Does it really matter?
You can have a simple Iron weapons look pimped out if you so wish to.

it’s a personal thing tbh, but you might have some really cool weapon ideas and since the weapon data isn’t where febuilder thinks it should be i can’t tell what’s supposed to be what

Not many people willing to share their work away for other. Thank you for doing that, can’t wait to play your hack.

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Added a template in the same folder.
Just compare it to the original template and see what replaced what (it’s in the same order mostly).

Just don’t tell me to add names next to every single icon
as it is impossible since some icons aren’t even used or are just variations of the same.


Added the new graphics:

  • New Army Banners Folder
  • Elder Centaur animation
  • Legion (Melee / Bow) animation
  • Strigoi animation
  • Gazer animation
  • Queen Bael animation
  • Sniper (F)(Neimi) (Bow/ Ballista/ Unarmed)
  • Swordmaster (F) (Marissa) (Sword / Unarmed)
  • Map sprites for the new monsters
  • Inventory Icons updated to current version
  • Class Cards/ Portraits for the new monsters

The credit for the Strigoi (Deathgoyle) animation to be given to Arkth.
He did all of the frames.
I just did the script.


It’s realls nice to see some new/revamped monster animations!
Also these look really good.

But I think the Legion animations are missing.

True. Just added them in.

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Updated with the latest additions:

  • Innes Sniper model in both generic palette and fixed palette
  • L’Arachel Valkyrie model. Based on Aruka’s original work,
    contains small pixel fixes, hair palette, horse armor and FEditor freindly.
  • Lute Sage model. ===>All of it is made by Arkth<===
  • Seth Grand Knight model. Based on Aruka’s and Kenpuchu’s original work, contains
    a different Lance weapon (made by me)
    a Seth recolor of Unarmed, Axe and Hand Axe animations
    a different sword animation V1 (superior) ===>made by Arkth<===
    a different sword animation V2 made by me