[FE8] Sacred Stones "Anything Goes" PME (Accepting Map Submissions)

Holy Knight: Rend heaven. Chance to proc 2.5x Skl%

Brave Lord: Life and Death

Knight Lord: Armored Blow

Malig Knight: Fierce Mien and Bloodthirst

Dancer: Miracle (the 1 time guaranteed kind), Canto+, Inspiring Song

Amazoness: Opportunist and Replicate

Axe fighter: Fair fight, Gamble

Warrior: Quick Draw, Vengeance

Demon King: Wary fighter, Poison Strike, Grisly wound, Savage Blow

Vanguard: Aether, Heavy Blade

Warsister: Soulbade (without the Sword requirement), Awakening


Bloodthirst, Replicate, and Fair Fight aren’t in Skill Systems and I couldn’t find a good replacement for them. The rest I found suitable substitutes for.

Emblem Ike already has Aether at base.

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Give him rightful lord as ather is a skill/2 proc chance it makes it feel like you didnt get basically rick rolled at the ather proc for vanguard and seems like the proc was because of that 10%

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For Malig Knight, replace Bloodthirst with Ignis (increase proc to Skl x 2)

Amazoness Fiery blood instead of Replicate

And Axe Fighter Lucky 7 instead of Fair fight


All class abilities are in.

Thief, Ravager, Summoner, Great Knight, Special Grade, Forest Knight, Eph!Brave Lord, and Spectre still lack them.

Tierlist maker if anyone wants to use it :slightly_smiling_face:
Hopefully everyone is in there.

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Id say give thief shade(5) and Good fortune(15)

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I feel like rosey is gonna be in alot of S tiers :3

My tierlist based on my experiences in Extreme mode. Any units not on the list were units I never got to use. Doing a playthrough with only B tier and below units would be interesting.


Give them the skill that remove eff. Damage from them and warding blow

Also Life and Death

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Imagine, ima just put my brave lord here to tank, (gets 1 kill and lvs up) suddenly takes +10 dmg and dies lol

as intended :stuck_out_tongue:

How are Knives handled here, their own weapon or do thieves just use Swords?

If they use Swords, give Thieves a skill that allows them to use Swords at 2 range at the cost of 3MT when attacking at Range.

Also let Steal + be used without CON requirements, just SPD requirement.

Give them pass and Canto + as well.

Can i get more info about these classes? Ie. weapons, intended use, promotions, etc.? I might cook something.

Let’s be funny:
Skill 1 gives them double terrain bonuses from forests.

Skill 2 let’s them ignore enemy forest terrain bonus.

Give them a skill that allows them to mind control monsters/non-human units and turn them into Green units.

Second skill allows them to buff nearby summons, +3 MT, +25 hit/avo

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Simuna starts with Focus instead of Impale.

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I’ve found replacements for Forest Knight, but there’s no way I can implement those Summoner abilities, the Thief range, or the changes to Steal+. Keep edits to skills that are present in FE8 Skill Systems, please.

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For summoner give them seal magic and another seal skill(i dont know if we gave all the seal skills)


Few things, 1 all characters now have +2 vision in fog, 2 preps vendor now has torch item, 3 i wanted to ask if youve done anything to phantom ship. Saving the green units is nearly impossible since the larachel replacement gets one rounded and the dussel replacement is not great at combat as they are a support character mostly. I want to know before i continue if there was a change you made to make this better (ie they recruit at the end of chapter dead or alive) final edit, the boss on phantom ship no longer moves and if killed removes the fog (if possible to make that edit. Keep the no move but if you cant make killing him remove fog then fine.)

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I haven’t gotten a Phantom Ship replacement map yet. You can make one if you want to. All I need is a map, at the bare minimum.

Im guessing this means you haven’t even made any edits for the sake of playabilitty. Its a shame so i guess ill continue on without those 2. Anyway ill make the map. Larachel replacement now stands still on the initial ship in roughly close to the middle of the first ship, the 3rd ship now has the boss on it with a chest containing a speedwing within range of the boss. Dozla replacement joins as a force deploy at the start of the map the map now changes to defend larachel with a good reason to move forward. that combined with the previous edits ive made should make the map more interesting, fun, and less tedious. I dont know my way around febuildergba too well so i hope this info is enough to make this a map.

Oh, I’ll need a file for the terrain to insert the map. I suppose I could make a map according to your specifications if you don’t feel like making one.

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The terrain would remain exactly like phantom ship. Unit placements would change and add a chest on the 3rd ship within range of the boss but thats about it. If you could make that for me id really appreciate it.

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I’ll see what I can get to work.

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