[FE8] Sacred Stones "Anything Goes" PME (Accepting All Submissions)

Shauna has been added.

She has been placed as a recruitable unit in chapter 6 via the antitoxin village. When the chapter is edited later on she’ll be in another visitable structure.

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Dagger: (E rank, 20use, 5mt, 70%hit, 5%crit, 5wt, 1 wex)
{Batima} Iron Dagger
Dagger by Batima

Edging blade: (E rank, Inf use, 15mt, 0%hit, 50%crit, 25wt, 1-3 range) brave, nosferatu, but -30skill and luk
It would be funny if you just had this but no one could use it
Obsidian Blade {VelvetKitsune, EldritchA, Indogutsu Tenbuki} (Tactics Ogre)
By VelvetKitsune, EldritchA, Indogutsu Tenbuki

  • Role: Enemy (Oneil replacement)

  • Name: Niime

  • Gender: Female

  • Affinity: Anima

  • Class: Druid

  • Level: 18

  • Bases
    HP: 29
    STR: 0
    MAG: 21 (for the funnies, does nothing with eclipse)
    SKL: 20
    SPD: 8
    LCK: 5
    DEF: 2
    RES: 14

  • Inventory: Eclipse

  • Weapon Ranks: S Dark

  • Portrait:
    Portrait Editor Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi (Japan).gba_36@24 ニイメ_66098C

  • Description: The Mountain Hermit. Has devoted her life to research and study.

  • Death Quote: Heheh. My life wasn’t too bad, now…

  • Personal Skill: Double Lion

  • Credits: the guy at intsys who made her portrait

  • Additional Things: Increase Eclipse hit to 75
    Remove the initial exp boost units get in the game


Both daggers and Niime have been added. I had to use Lenh and Obsidian’s formatted portrait for her since her FE6 portrait isn’t consistent with FE8.

What is this referring to, exactly?

Role Player
Replaces: Eirika
Name: Soleil
Gender Female
Affinity Anemo

Class: Mercenary
Level: 1
Bases & Growths:
Hp 15, 35%
Str 6, 70%
Mag 2, 15%
Skl 7, 65%
Spd 9, 60%
Luk 7, 50%
Def 4, 35%
Res 7, 40%
Con 5
Move 5
Personal Skill: Gentilhommie

Falchion: (Inf use, 5mt, 80%hit, 0%crit, 5wt, 1wex) has aether for fun
{Batima} Falchion(Ylisse)

Weapon Ranks: Sword E

Portrait (regular format)
Soleil {Zorua}

Description: Cheerful and not even slightly shy. Looks up to cool women
Death Quote: Blame… The… Translators…


Soleil and her Falchion have been added.



Name: Paradise Lost

Weapon Type: Sword

{LordGlenn} Sword 8
(Icon by LordGlenn)

Might (Mt): 18
Hit Rate: 95%
Critical Rate: 15%
Weight: 9 (Decide to change the weight since I feel 12 is a bit too much.)

High Curse Damage Reduction: This can be translated to “Reduces damage taken from dark magic by 50%.” (or just make it so it gives resistance like about +6 to who ever uses it)

Special Effect Against Certain Foes: Effective against dark magic users.

Durability: 25

Weapon Rank: B (I’m not sure if this should be B or A rank weapon.)

Cost: 2950

Weapon Exp: 1

Ways to gaing it: Steal/Droppoble or Buying it.

This weapon isn’t locked to anyone in particular as long as the class can use swords they can use Paradise Lost.


The Paradise Lost sword has been added.

I made it A rank. Considering how strong it is it’ll likely be a drop from a powerful enemy. Otherwise it’s effective against any class that can use dark magic, including Mogalls and Gorgons. I could only give it +6 Res since there’s no dark resistance skill.

  • Role
  • Name
  • Gender (add pronouns if you wish)
  • Affinity
  • Class
  • Level
  • Bases (include both Str/Mag)
    27 hp
    7 str
    1 mag
    15 skl
    15 spd
    20 luc
    9 def
    9 res
    12 con
  • Growths (include both Str/Mag)
    80% hp
    55% str
    0% mag
    40% skl
    35% spd
    75% luc
    65% def
    65% res
  • Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)
    Bright lance
    Energy ring
  • Weapon Ranks
    C lances
  • Portrait (regular format)
    I sadly cant make one being mobile locked but I know I want purple armor to show in it and black hair
  • Description
    A young soldier working with a mercenary groups he never finds any that does not only have money on the mind
  • Death Quote
    “I tried to protect…,
    I die happily trying”
  • Personal Skill
  • Credits
    I have had this unit in mind and has gone through many fixes
  • Any other pertinent information
    I want him to replace Amelia or join in the chp.15 with the other lord
    And the trident is a steel lance +4 wt that grants him mountain and water walk if equipped
  • Role: Enemy

  • Name: Vergil

  • Gender: Male

  • Affinity: Dark

  • Class: Dark Swordsman (Fancy name for Swordsmaster)

  • Level: (Can make my mind up for a level.)

  • Bases:

  • HP: 50

  • Strength: 16

  • Magic: 5

  • Skill: 30

  • Speed: 25

  • Luck: 15

  • Defense: 20

  • Resistance: 10

  • Movement: 6

  • Con: 15

  • Inventory:

  • Yamato

  • Type: Sword (Katana)

  • Rank: A

  • Might (Mt): 15

  • Hit Rate: 90%

  • Critical Rate: 15%

  • Weight: 6

  • Range: 1-2

  • Effects: Effective against armored units and dragons, can strike from a distance

  • Skill: Luna

  • Uses: Unbreakable
    (This is a Swordsmaster only weapon, is droppoble)
    Steel Sword
    Energy Ring

  • Weapon Ranks: Swords: A

  • Portrait:
    Tales of Arise, Alphen {Fenriel}
    (Portrait by Fenriel)

  • Description: Vergil at home.

  • Death Quote: “I needed more… power…”

  • Personal Skill: Focus

  • Leadership: Nearby enemy units gain +3 to all stats.

“He’s canonically accurate.” - Vergil Fans


Shadow and Vergil have been added.

I was racking my brain trying to get this to work, and the best I could do was to give the Soldier/Halberdier classes 7 cost on water/mountains and give the Trident Nature Rush.

I decided to have him replace Ch19 Riev. His inventory has been emptied aside from the Yamato because he would end up dropping the other items.


Repacing: Gheb
Role: Enemy
Name: Gordon
Gender: Male
Affinity: Ice
Class: Berserker

Level: 5
HP: 40
Str: 15
Mag: 0
Skl: 12
Spd: 11
Lck: 6
Def: 10
Res: 2
Con: 13

Weapon Ranks
A- Axes

Steel Axe
Elixir (drops)

(Credit to MeatofJustice)

Description: An angry chef from an alternate world. Has no idea how he got here.

Battle Quote: Bloody hell, where am I? Who the hell are you?

Death Quote: Damn…

Personal Skill: Intimidate


Gordon has been added.

  • Role: Enemy (Replaces Beran)
  • Name: Dekka
  • Gender: Female (She/Her)
  • Affinity: Dark
  • Class: Summoner
  • Level: 1
  • Bases (include both Str/Mag)
  • Too Lazy to Calculate lol
  • Inventory: Luna, Physic (Drops)
  • Weapon Ranks C Dark, B Staves
  • Portrait:
    (Portrait by Daffodil)
  • Description:A woman working for The Demon King. Wants everyone to die.
  • Battle Quote: You shall be a fine sacrifice to him!
  • Death Quote: My Lord… I’m sorry…
  • Personal Skill: Great Shield
  • Credits

Also, can you replace the Normal Boss Theme (The Battle Must Be Won) with Megalomania by RandomWizard from the Music Repo?



Name: Salvation Lance

Rank: (I’m not sure to make it B or C rank I can see it being A rank)

Weapon Type: Spear (Lance)


  • Might (Mt): 10
  • Hit Rate: 85%
  • Crit Rate: 5%
  • Weight: 8

Range: 1-2


  • Grants +2 Speed and +2 Res when equiped
  • Effective against Infrantry
  • Durability: 35

Skill: Renewal

Name: Rebellion

Weapon Type:Sword

Rank: A


  • Might (Mt): 15
  • Hit Rate: 90%
  • Critical Rate: 10%
  • Weight: 10


  • Grants +5 Str and +5 Skill when equiped
  • Effective against monsters/undead and dragons
  • Durability: Unbreakable

Skill: Aether


Role Player

Replaces: eirika route L’archel
Name Gojunior
Gender Female
Affinity Light
Class: Troubodour

Level: 10
Bases & Growths:
Hp 29, 50%
Str 0, 1%
Mag 11, 40%
Skl 14, 60%
Spd 13, 60%
Luk 10, 50%
Def 5, 20%
Res 9, 40%
Con 5
Move 6
Personal Skill: Great shield

Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)
Hollow purple: (10use, 25mt, 100%hit, 100%crit, 0wt, 0wex) +10 mag, aether, Light tome, unhamearnable
{Celice} Item 27


Reverse cursed technique (item that gives renewal and +10skl)
{Zelix} icon 175
Weapon ranks: Light d, Staff A

Portrait (regular format)
{Kanna} F2E Shiori (Blue eyes)

Description: nah… she’ll win.
Death Quote: I… Im… supposed …to be… The honored one…

Items by Zelix, Celice
Portrait by Kanna


Ill take it and love the fact on forest terrain he has like +5 or +3 move and if the energy ring was asked about was going to say it replaces the speed wing because natural 17 speed if you use it on him is kinda busted for what i wanted also saw salvation lance cant wait for someone to give that to Shadow and see this mobile tank go crazy


Role: Player

Replaces: Innes

Name: Gerin

Gender: Male

Affinity: Light

Class: Paladin

Level: 9

Hp: 51
Str: 17
Mag: 15
Skl: 19
Spd: 15
Luck: 12
Def: 16
Res: 12
Con: 14

Hp: 70%
Str: 55%
Mag: 30%
Skl: 50%
Spd: 35%
Luck: 35%
Def: 50%
Res: 30%

{EldritchA, Indogutsu Tenbuki} (Tactics Ogre) Lance 7
(Mt: 14, Hit: 120, Wt: 25, Crit: 5, Uses: Unbreakable, Rng: 1-5, Grants Lunge Skill)
Steel Blade

Weapon Ranks: S Rank Lances, B Rank Swords

Portrait by Raymond

Description: A noble mercenary leader who has lost most of his company.

Death Quote: This ain’t… too bad…

Personal Skill: Brave Lion

Credits: Icon by EldritchA, Indogustu Tenbuki

Any other pertinent information:

-Unpromoted mounted classes move gets increased from 6 to 7

-Promoted mounted classes move gets increased from 7 to 8


All recent submissions have been applied.

So vanilla Beran’s bases (with mag instead of str)?

I assume you mean Double Lion?


*Role player

  • Name Rosey
    (Replaces Ross)
  • Gender (add pronouns if you wish) Female
  • Affinity Fire
  • Class Pirate (Beserker/Hero)
  • Level 1
  • Bases (include both Str/Mag)
    25 hp
    10 str
    5 mag
    4 skl
    12 spd
    15 luk
    7 def
    3 res
    15 con
  • Growths (include both Str/Mag)
    75% hp
    65% str
    5% mag
    45% skl
    65% spd
    10% luk
    45% def
    3% res (reference)
  • Inventory (personal weaponry allowed)
    Slim axe(if not added iron axe)
  • Weapon Ranks
    C axes
  • Portrait (regular format)
    Once again mobile lock can not make a portrait but Pink hair and blue eyes
  • Description
    A female pirate of the seven seas who has never seen actual combat and has plundered using her looks
  • Death Quote
    “Was never made for fighting but atleast I die protecting someone important”
  • Personal Skill
    Axefaith/Certaint Blow
  • Credits
    Just wanted to make another character and saw no Ross replacement so too advantage of it to make a support partner
  • Any other pertinent information
    I kinda want her and shadow to have a paired ending where they make a Mercenary Group together that thinks more of protecting children and orphanages over money (aka give them a fast support if you can code it to make it fast)