[FE8] Sacred Redux v2.5.2 [COMPLETE]

Does this mean that Knights can no longer promote to Great Knight?

No they cannot. Only Cavs can promote to great knight. But this is “counteracted” by a unit you get mid game.

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Hey Az, is hard mode now completely balanced in v2?

Yes, it’s fully balanced now.


Hey how u doing so i found this hack loved the changes and decided to play it but when i picked easy difficulty the tutorial was pretty messed up i think u should check it

I’ll give it a look, might be due to the changes to the prologue.

Can u fix it?

Yeah, I’ll probably have to delete the tutorial events all together, but that’s fine since I’m pretty sure if anyone is here playing a mod then they’ve played FE before. I’ll lyk when I’ve updated the patch.

It should be fixed now, just update you rom. Lmk, if there’s still an issue with the tutorial.

Quick question, how do you get Xander? It says eir ch15 and eph ch 9 but I’ve done both and have yet to see him?

The prolouge works fine nice work but in the first chapter Escape! in the cut scenes when breguet is about to attack the merc the game just crashes

Okay, I’ll give that a look too. For now you can just skip that scene and the game will continue just fine.

Xander automatically joins with Ephraim in Ch. 15 Eirika mode. And he’s in the cell next to Tana on Ch. 9, you recruit him with Ephraim. It worked fine when I tested it. Did you update the rom? Cause Xander is a recent addition in v2. I’ll check it out just in case.

Hey dude two more bugs :
Murderers in the arena have 112 damage bruh
After supporting the supports dont show in the weapons and supports level section.

yeah, the arena is a bit iffy. I wonder why they have that much damage though. As for the second one, it’s not a glitch. It’s a side effect of the patch that allows you to see both magic and weapon ranks. I’d recommend just checking supports in the prep menu.

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I can’t seem to get past chapter 16, after knoll talks in the cutscene it crashes, even skipping dies so

Hey dude can u make a chart displaying all the unit names their class and the item they need to promote with or is it vanilla promotion? ( also thanks for the reply ill keep playing currently on ch5 alredy promoted ross to pirate and danggg is he good? i love hım! and joshua with all those skills with the killing edge and gamble he is littrally dope. i think im getting off topic…lol…)

Aye another request can u update the helmless SALVAGED paladin and i think is it a bug or something but pirates can weild swords

Also they even have â weapon triange advantage

and i dont get what this room is for(where garcia and ross are

and why this tile changed

Weird, I’ll look into that. Which Route are you on?

  1. It’s the same as vanilla promotion items.
  2. Pirates can wield swords in this hack, there’s just no sword animation for Ross.
  3. And that room in Ch. 5 is for some secret events that take place if you have the right character’s “search” the Library. There should be a dialogue that happens if the correct characters enter the room.
  4. That one tile is a misclick when I was editing the map, its been removed.