[FE8] Sacred Echoes (working title)


Just a heads up, it seems like Venno’s Passive Stat Boosts patch isn’t compatible with Circle’s skills patch, so if you decide to implement skills you’ll have to find a way around that.

Also just wanted to say I’m really looking forward to this project!


Please add an option to change the music I really liked Alms first battle track March of the Deliverance but not a big fan of the 2nd one


Hey there! Would love to playtest this! Please add me :smiley: Chosokabe#7512


Excuse me if it’s rude to ask, but is there a public version of the Cave Tileset used in the hack?
I’d like to use it for a project, if at all possible, and I would credit DerTheVaporeon for their work.




It is. I just didn’t make a thread for my tilesets yet.

Can you swim?


A few small quality of life updates regarding promotions:

Units that are eligible to promote now display a Mila statue by their name on the status screen, and (soon) a popup when they reach promotion level for their class.

I’m still trying to fix a weird error with a missing tile in the center of popups longer than a certain length, the cause of which is unknown - let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar.


Would it be possible to change the growth colors to one color. It is a small personal issue seeing all red for most characters. Or do u want to keep it like that


The color is based on the growth’s value with red being bad and green being good. That said it was designed with GBAFE in mind which has higher growth values than Gaiden, hence everything seeming low and being displayed as red


The different color thresholds should be changeable, which may be a good idea.


Now that holidays are over, I’ve been focusing mostly on finishing up the Act 1 maps and dialogue, and incorporating Teraspark’s staff/item/range reworks.

I’ve created a Discord server and added it to the OP - please join if you’re interested in playtesting or just following the progress of the hack!


The discord link expired. Can someone invite me, or post a permanent invite? Pinion#0132


This link should be permanent.