[FE8] Sacred Echoes [VERSION 1.1 BETA OUT, 28 MAPS]

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Latest Release: 2021-03-14 | Content Rating: 13+ (mild language, suggestive themes, alcohol)

Sacred Echoes (until I think of a better title) is a demake of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia for the GBA. This public release covers all of Act 1, 2, and 3, with 28 story maps, 1 gaiden chapter, and 5 repeatable maps. Some things are still in progress, but the latest release should address most of the remaining bugs.

The 2021-03-14 release includes the full expansion of the world map, the party split, the convoy split, the Guide menu, WTD on bows at 1-range, the debut of Lion Head Statues, randomized enemies in dungeons, bugfixes to the magic system, enemy rebalances, AI optimizations, and many new and ported music tracks, animations, and map sprites. Basically, the bulk of stability and mechanics updates are complete aside from custom AI. I am still designating this as a beta release because the late act 3 chapters still need playtesting.


  • The Gaiden/Echoes magic system, where spells are learned by level-up, are accessible through the B.Magic or W.Magic menu, and cost HP to cast.
  • Various mechanics tweaks to mirror Echoes and Gaiden’s combat system, including the EXP formula.
  • Different maps and objectives from the source games.
  • Weapon Triangle applies to equippable weapons and can be one-sided. Think carefully about how to approach WTA and WTD!
  • Branching promotions for the Villager classes, with 5 possible class options for each. (Faye now has access to the Archer line.)
  • 3rd tier classes, with expanded caps allowing stats to reach 40. The dread fighter -> villager loop is also included. Female sages can now promote into female dread fighters and take part in the loop as well.
  • A functional world map that can be explored, just like in the originals.
  • Still CGs adapted from Echoes
  • Additional units to fill gaps in the Echoes roster (a Thief and an axe user)
  • All-new GBA remixes of Gaiden and Echoes soundtrack.
  • Various UI improvements.

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This is not a complete release by any means, so there are a few bugs which had to be deprioritized for this release. Everything we surfaced that could be potentially game-breaking has been covered, but there may still be some we aren’t aware of.

  • The game has only been balanced for Normal mode (hard mode results may vary). We are currently looking for help with gameplay design for Hard mode.
  • Some support conversations have been implemented while others are still placeholders.
  • Some sprites and animations have not been finalized yet and are using placeholders. (Axeman, Seraphim)
  • Expel is visually kind of buggy but should not affect gameplay.
  • Some issues have been reported with Rewarp.
  • There is a placeholder fix for enemies attacking with magic when they’ve run out of HP to cast. Witches are not yet able to teleport. The next release will address various AI fixes and features.


Credits List
  • Circleseverywhere’s Modular Stat Screens, Custom Spell Animation Engine and everything2ea modules
  • macplustrees’ base-stat promotion gains
  • Teraspark’s staff/item range rework
  • Stan’s Movement Skills
  • laqieer’s world map installation utilities
  • Assorted small tweaks and patches by Stan, Tequila, Crazycolorz5, Vennobennu, Leonarth, 7743 and aera
    • Extra shout out to Stan and Snakey1 for finally squashing the remaining bugs in the magic system!
  • Music hacking utilities by Sme and Alusq
  • Music arrangements based on Echoes OST and on Gaiden MIDI remixes by 雨原
    • “Lord of a Dead Empire” arrangement by Mycahel
  • NGMansion for original save expansion patch; Stan for Expanded Modular Save and Tequila for Convoy Split
  • Portraits:
    • Jedah and Duma by L95
    • Zopyrus by RandomWizard and Levin64
    • all others by hypergammaspaces or IS
  • Battle Animations:
    • Alm, Villagers, Snipers, Pirate (F), Dread Fighter, Wyvern Lord, Gold Knight and Cape General by Nura
    • Pirate (M) Repalette by Wan
    • Berserker (M) by BwdYeti
    • Berserker (F) by serif, eCut, Skitty, and Pikmin1211
    • Soldier by Alusq
    • Mercenary and Armor Knight by Team SALVAGED
    • Caped Baron by Iscaneus, Nuramon and Leo_Link
    • Saint by Melia
    • Bishop and Thief repalettes by Eldritch Abomination
    • Myrmidon/Hero by Wan and Zane
    • Cavaliers by Team SALVAGED and Flasuban
    • Paladins by Team SALVAGED (female edit by me)
    • Improved Brigand by flasuban
    • Rogue Repalette by Pikmin1211, Maiser6, Ukelele, SD9k, Temp, Black Mage and Wan
    • Priestess by hypergammaspaces and Jono the Red
    • Bow Knight by Spud
    • Celica (Promoted and Unpromoted) by RedBean
    • Witch by Luerock and Pikmin1211
    • Shaman Staff by Temp and Shin19
    • Archers and Woodcutter by DerTheVaporeon
    • Axeman by DerTheVaporeon, Aruka, Kenpuhu
    • Barbarian by Orihara_Saki (Bow edit by me)
    • Pegasus Knight by OreoStyx
    • Falcoknight by TBA
    • Wyvern Rider by flasuban and eCut
    • Dracoknight repalette by Feaw and St jack
    • Fiend (Generic King by Huichelaar, DerTheVaporeon, L95 and Pikmin1211)
    • Deathgoyle by Teraspark and L95
    • Duma mapsprite by SHYUTERz, HIROTO, and SHIRMER
  • Map sprites and class cards by flasuban, Tordo45, SkidMarc25, Alusq, Melia, Nura, Pikmin1211, WarPath, Seal, L95, StreetHero, Snewping, MeatOfJustice, DerTheVaporeon, FEier, and Team SALVAGED
  • Battle palettes by Hypergammaspaces and Dancer_A
  • LordGlenn’s Cipher icons for weapon ranks, weapon icons for Regalia weapons
  • Cardcafe’s Echoes item icons and FEier’s Weapon icons
  • New support writing contributed by Meadows, Flare and Ese
    • Meadows: Alm/Tobin, Kliff/Gray, Kliff/Silque, Tobin/Clair
    • Flare: Clive/Mathilda B and A
  • Snakey1’s REDA helpers, Support rework, MSS fixes and event cleanup
  • RandomWizard for boss conversations and text formatting help, and “The Siege” map
  • Levin64 for story writing assistance
  • Pikmin1211 for eventing and enemy placement on “The Warship”, “Zofia Harbor”, “Invaders Descend” and “The Siege”
  • ZoramineFae for “The Warship” map
  • KrashBoomBang for “Invaders Descend”, “Unholy Blade” and Sylvan Shrine map
  • Dancer_A for Grieth’s Citadel and Nuibaba’s Abode maps, boss conversations
  • Sme for TrapRework and assistance with summoner AI
  • Vennobennu’s Improved FE8 Boat/Village Tileset
  • DerTheVaporeon’s improved cave tileset
  • Improved Stronghold tileset by ZoramineFae, flasuban, and N426
  • Western Isles Extended tileset and additional bridge tiles for Fields by WAve

Please let me know if I missed anyone.

Patch (Act 3): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6eoey6idkvae4ur/AABfmKk_LTIsUFP_i6idQXc7a?dl=0

Server link: https://discord.gg/xfMZQC8


I’m not often genuinely impressed.

I will 100% play this. That’s a promise.


I want to be a playtester, my discord is pedrokktt#1633


RIP every other Valentia GBA project that will never stand up to this

seriously though it looks ace, can’t wait to see more


Very impressive.

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Can I make maps for this? I already end up making random fe2 maps from time to time already and this looks pretty awesome.

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whats ur discord? i’d like to playtest, hmu at Max Limit#3056

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The presentation is soooo good. And since you’ll be updating the maps, the gameplay will also improve as well! Can’t wait for the release!

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This is one of the best things that were in FEE3, it looks amazing! If you could change some maps around a little bit so they are less tedious but still stay true to SoV that would be awesome. Wondering how are you planning to do the 3rd tier classes as it seems to me like it’s gonna be very hard to do lol, like the dread fighters.

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I would love to play test this. I would need some help as I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to rooms. My discord is Pieo123 9418

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I made an account to say I will definitely play this once it comes out. Keep up the hard work!


more POWER and Keep the good work


Looks sick, can’t wait for a release.

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Amazing! MOAR!!!

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One question though : axe user? :rage:


I can’t wait to play this. Maybe I should try to make an Map of an FE2 Chapter. :smile:

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FE2 is my favourite. I want to be a playtester. My discord is hikeyi#8096.

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@HyperGammaSpace To clutter down on all the discord requests here, why don’t you make a discord server for Sacred Echoes? People can volunteer to be playtesters, help you out with the hack, so on and so forth.

This looks godly.

sooo how can i get to your discord ? so i can help with whatever u want