[FE8] Sacred Echoes [VERSION 0.9.9 OUT, 14 MAPS]


I see. Never play Gaiden before, just a couple chapters on SoV.


Damn this game is better than SoV and even Gaiden. CHANGE MY MIND.


can you break pots and force units to eat flour to restore stamina? i think not!
check and mate!


So, did I miss the breakthrough where we can now add 5 promotions for units? Was it posted anywhere?

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I played some of it and it looks really great, well done!


We’re planning on an FEE3 showing including some of Celica’s maps, some new spells like Invoke and Expel, and some general graphics and music improvements.




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A new public patch has been released - check the OP for details! Several bugfixes have been made to the magic system, polish has been done on Alm Act 1, and four of Celica’s maps from Act 2 are now available to play.


(Some things did have to be delayed in order to release for FEE3. The next major release is planned to include an overhaul of the support system, some new spell and class animations, and add the remaining chapters of Celica Act 2.)


Getting better.


Hype! Glad to see it’s back, and with a promise of more for FEE3 2019. One of my favorites despite being short (well, when I last played)

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I have a question.
How did you implement the worldmap path and node expansion?
To achieve these, I think it is necessary to expand saved data and work memory.
How did you implement it?

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I have added more than the base number of world map nodes, but there are enough nodes in FE8’s data to implement all of Valentia’s locations through Act 3. This release only covers part of Act 2, so I have not yet expanded the work memory for saving it. (I am using aera’s save data expansion already, but space in work memory seems to be the main limitation for now.)

I’m still researching this, so I will let you know when I have a discovery.


There are documents about where the Worldmap Path is stored.

03005324	Worldmap Show RoadID 0	{U}
03005325	Worldmap Show RoadID 1	{U}
03005326	Worldmap Show RoadID 2	{U}
03005327	Worldmap Show RoadID 3	{U}
03005328	Worldmap Show RoadID 4	{U}
03005329	Worldmap Show RoadID 5	{U}
0300532A	Worldmap Show RoadID 6	{U}
0300532B	Worldmap Show RoadID 7	{U}
0300532C	Worldmap Show RoadID 8	{U}
0300532D	Worldmap Show RoadID 9	{U}
0300532F	Worldmap Show RoadID 10	{U}
03005330	Worldmap Show RoadID 11	{U}
03005331	Worldmap Show RoadID 12	{U}
03005332	Worldmap Show RoadID 13	{U}
03005333	Worldmap Show RoadID 14	{U}
03005334	Worldmap Show RoadID 15	{U}
03005335	Worldmap Show RoadID 16	{U}
03005336	Worldmap Show RoadID 17	{U}
03005337	Worldmap Show RoadID 18	{U}
03005338	Worldmap Show RoadID 19	{U}
03005339	Worldmap Show RoadID 20	{U}
0300533A	Worldmap Show RoadID 21	{U}
0300533B	Worldmap Show RoadID 22	{U}
0300533C	Worldmap Show RoadID 23	{U}
0300533D	Worldmap Show RoadID 24	{U}
0300533E	Worldmap Show RoadID 25	{U}
0300533F	Worldmap Show RoadID 26	{U}
03005340	Worldmap Show RoadID 27	{U}
03005341	Worldmap Show RoadID 28	{U}
03005342	Worldmap Show RoadID 29	{U}
03005343	Worldmap Show RoadID 30	{U}
03005344	Worldmap Road Count	{U}

This vanilla routine has a bug where drawing the same path ID again consumes more ID.
For example, if you make an orbit around the continent, the road to the final will disappear.
If the road is not drawn, reset it and start again.
However, if you save without drawing, it will be clogged.
Then you have to start over from the beginning.

Since I encountered this FE8J midori and FE8J kaitou, I investigated.
There was a note in your hack that resetting might improve this phenomenon, so I wondered if I was encountering a problem similar to this one.

I made a patch to fix the problem.

However, this patch cannot increase the length of the list.
In order to increase the Worldmap Path, I think we have to make various improvements.

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Would you like the opening movie of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia? I am pleased to add it for you if you like it. It will take up about 8M free space.


That would be really cool, and I do have the free space for it (at least right now).

  1. Send me the latest patch if you have a WIP version except the current released version.
  2. Which voice language do you prefer? Japanese or English?

Hi, I like the game and I only have one question. in some update the overclasses will be implemented?


Heh i cant wait to play this of course i will do Girls only run haha.