[FE8] Sacred Echoes [VERSION 0.9.8 OUT, 10 MAPS]


This chest not only gives you Pegasus Cheese, it also gives you a Dummy.

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that’s what I get for trying to do a conditional on a chest drop, I guess :frowning:

Also, to make clear, the portraits in this hack are not free to be used elsewhere until otherwise specified. I will eventually release them when the hack is finished, but at this time please do not use them in other projects.


what is the time of the next release?

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soon :tm:

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A new update has been released, mostly focused on bug fixes:

  • The Thunder glitch in @Mikey_Seregon 's post has been addressed.
  • Issues with support conversations crashing has been fixed.
  • The chest in the Deliverance Hideout has been fixed.
  • A bug with Take/Drop chaining has been fixed.
  • An issue with Thieves being unable to promote has been fixed.
  • The doubling threshold is now 2 AS.
  • Lukas has received some buffs to be more useful in the earlygame.
  • Alm and Gray can now also recruit Clair.
  • The Attack option now only shows for units who can use physical weapons.
  • Some maps have been tweaked (some objectives have changed from Rout to Seize)
  • Enemy stats have been adjusted to be less bulky and more offense oriented.
  • Third page of the stat screen has been updated so that the R-text reflects the new contents of the page.
  • The Cleric now has a rudimentary attack and critical animation.
  • SALVAGED Armor Knight animation has been inserted.
  • Many new weapon icons have been created by @FireEmblemier, including brand new spell icons for White and Black Magic.

Please check the Dropbox link in the OP to get the latest patch!


If you can, please add some axe infantry. I know no one can use axe in sov and that kinda annoying.


I’m not in this project, but I had an idea for the axe class line. It goes Fighter -> Warrior -> Berserker, and Warriors and Berserkers can use bows as well as axes.

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just finished the hack and i have to say the map was pretty cool and the training chapters are awesome aswell but after abusing them the rest of the chapters seem way to easy even in the hard difficulty…so besides that its looking very good


One question about weapons : Alm have a sword and an iron sword, how to discarded the former because it takes inventory space?

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you can’t. everyone has a generic weapon like Gaiden and they can’t be gotten rid of ever


I see. Never play Gaiden before, just a couple chapters on SoV.


Damn this game is better than SoV and even Gaiden. CHANGE MY MIND.


can you break pots and force units to eat flour to restore stamina? i think not!
check and mate!


So, did I miss the breakthrough where we can now add 5 promotions for units? Was it posted anywhere?

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