[FE8] Sacred Echoes [v1.0] [COMPLETE]

just finished a playthrough of this hack after floundering it for months and im amazed at the passion put into it though i have one question.
Will the overclasses (Conqueror, Regin, Guru, etc) be made in the hack? it’s fine if not, i just had to ask

Does fixed growths patch in FEBuilder work with this?

Seabound Shrine just has a vulnerary not a blessed sword? Man

Hi folks,

I’m currently working on some bugfixes and additional content as FEE3 approaches and the Spanish translation nears completion. Everything that’s been posted in the thread and on the discord has been put into my to-do list and I’ve been going through them in order of severity. However, there are a few bugs that have been reported that I haven’t been able to reproduce in my testing environment. I am looking for save files (.sav) that I can use to test these out.

Saves Needed:

  • Any endgame save where the player got two units with a paired ending to A support, but did not see their paired ending slide in the Epilogue. (example: save slot 1 is on Final: Together to the End, save slot 2 is on Epilogue)
  • Any postgame save where units or their inventories somehow got messed up (I think this only happens on certain emulators; please tell me which emulator your save came from if you send me one)

.sav files are OK to send both here and on the discord. If you run into trouble uploading, third-party hosting like Dropbox or Google Drive works too.


Created an account after I finished to say: I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE WORK DONE HERE!

You really have translated the unique feeling of Echoes into a more traditional Fire Emblem. My favorites things would have to be the music and the map design. SOV music goes pretty hard, even in FE8 soundfont, and I’m pretty sure the song Lost in Fear is based on Silence 2 from Metroid Fusion, which is genius. And turning the rather uninteresting maps of Echoes into actual maps where very well done too.

However, I would like to offer some criticisms, that are somewhat minor:

  1. Make supports easier to obtain. I don’t mind grinding for supports, but the pace you get them at is too slow. If you have to lower the benefits, that’s fine.
  2. Change the way exp is gained. I feel like the only way to gain experience at certain levels and classes is by getting lucky with Entombeds. Especially when it comes to mages. I didn’t even end up promoting Mae or Boey, and I never gotten close to the new female dread fighter.
  3. Switch the music that plays in for each army. Celica part 3 should switch with part 1, and Alm part 3 should switch with part 1. I just feel like it fits better, but that’s just me, I guess.
  4. Maybe it’s just me and bad luck, but I often felt like I got a bit too screwed with level ups where noting happened. If that can be changed that would be nice.

Regardless, I really like the work done here. It was a really enjoyable experience.

One final question: Are there plans for making the post-game content of Act 6?

Is this true?

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This is true! The screenshotted post is by lead story translator @The_Burger_King420 . The official Spanish translation has now had all text translated through Act 4, 5, and endgame, an effort that has taken us nearly 2 years. There are over 3,400 text entries in Sacred Echoes, and we spent a ton of time and effort making sure the localization is thorough, accurate, and keeps all the character quirks and humor of the project.

We are now in the process of proofreading and quality control, so it isn’t ready for release quite yet, but it’s coming very soon :partying_face:


Cool. Now I can replay the whole thing in my native tongue.


Can we also go to Thabes in this hack, like we could in Echoes?

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No, there isn’t enough space

Damn, that’s a pity.

Are there supports?

Yes, including some new ones.

Will the spanish translation come with the V1.1 bug fixes?

It will. They are built off the same codebase, only the text data and some text graphics are changed.

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Just finished the game myself, and I enjoyed it immensely! So much, that I also made an account to drop this comment.
First of all my praises:

  • I think writing-wise you guys created the definitive version of this story. Going in seeing that you made additions I had my worries, especially regarding supports, but every character was on-point and the issues with FE15 such as Act 5 Celica were fixed very well.

  • The inclusion of the Weapon Triangle and other gameplay additions were great and added another layer of strategy, and the map design was very enjoyable as well.

  • And, of course, the music, spritework and the animations were all excellent.

  • I also loved the way the characters were implemented now that Town Recruitment is not possible, especially Nomah.

But I do also have my issues.

  • First of all, a lot of the late-game stages seem like they only account for the original cast, meaning I barely took Acantha with me towards the end.

  • Support build-up takes quite a bit… On higher difficulties I imagine it’s fine, but on lower ones you end up overleveling rather quickly, which ended up happening since I was so interested in many of the supports.

  • I noticed some growths got altered for the better, but Nomah & Mycen went entirely unchanged… For the latter I understand, his bases are pretty good, but Nomah only had Skill and Resistance to offer. Just a bit of a boost to Attack might help, in my opinion.

  • In the Deliverance Hideout the Mila Statues blend in quite well, in my opinion… I intended to promote Fernand, blind, and ended up missing them… Later I found out I missed a map this way, so I ended up replaying quite a bit to get him promoted (in the Thieves’ Den, as I personally still didn’t spot them.) This may be on me, it was a bit late, but I think placing the statue more central would help. Or maybe to mirror the chest?

  • Also less of a complaint and more of an observation, but the fight on Celica’s first graveyard respawned once after the initial clear and then I never encountered any on-map fights?

  • It’s very odd that Faye and Kliff are the only Ram Villagers to not have supports with each other… They don’t have too much to go off afaik and you covered a lot in their other supports, so I wouldn’t ever demand an addition, it’s just something quite noticeable. Maybe you could also add dialogue in Ram Village or from other characters that they were always a bit less close to explain why they have no supports? Love what you guys did with them in general though!

  • And this one is very minor, especially since the main demographic for this game will be people who played FE15, but having Conrad’s name present in Celica’s Support Profile from the get-go stuck out a lot.

All that being said though, I had a fantastic time with it and can (and have!) only recommend it. I’ll be working towards the Post-Game Units & filling out the Support Log now, and will be looking forward to my second run, especially to see if you guys manage to make Deen interesting to me!

Also Post-Edit: Sorry for the length, did not realize how big it’d be during writing </3. Edited to be formatted better to be less of a Wall of Text


First Hack I played here, until the end, and with a WHOLE LOT of fun!!
Best experience I had until The Binding Blade REMAKE. Superior in almost all it‘s way, but…. Maybe… at least however not enough.
That’s the sad point/ fact.

2, 3 or 4 more Gaiden chapters, with Bosses connected to the final chapter bosses. Brabbling more about Power, especially from the Antagonist force (I REALLY am bad remembering names, sorryyyyyyyy!!!)
Just for the feeling that the game is not finished too fast and to have a tad more content about how to imagine more about the creating of the powerful enemies (I‘m bad in creating sense with words/ I really am bad in saying what I want to say, either. Sorryyyyyy!!!)

I really love the maps and the Sprites, they are powerful colorful!!! :slight_smile:


I’m new to ROM hacks but i love the Sacred Echoes so much, when i finished it, i really can’t move on from the game. So is there any other hypergammaspace complete project? Or any FE hack that as good as this?

#1 suggestion is Deity Device. It is a loosely echoes based magic system, and I love it.

There are plenty of other good ones, but you have to do a lot of sifting.

Not entirely sure how they work exactly but will this game ever get Retro Achievement support?