[FE8] Sacred Echoes [v1.0] [COMPLETE]

this is for sure one of the most incredible hacks ive ever played, just wanted to say that

(also finally my kamui is super busted in my ROM, in the 3DS mine was trash it was so sad)


Understood, thanks.

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thank you for the warm welcome, much appreciated! because of my limited experience with the original version (although I might try a second attempt at playing it after finished SE just to be able to properly compare and appreciate all the changes you brought to this demake!) I won’t really be able to notice any plot changes, but honestly your comments about the changes (more agency for female unit? don’t mind if I do) just makes me even more excited!

I’m curious; I know the support system is different as in you can’t really pair up people in the same sense as previous (or technically, later) games and that there’s already “canon” endings with certain people. did you guys add any additional supports? I saw you added some new characters, so I was curious if that ended up bringing some new supports into the game!

edit: also, low key still bitter that there isn’t a MC character controlled by you in SoV because the amount of good-looking people with compelling personalities are insane… and somehow the majority of them looks even better in SE… kudos to the pixel artist team, they’ve done an incredible job bringing these people to life!


The canon endings remain, but for some characters who were left unpaired there are also paired endings (Silque, for example) if you cultivate an A-support between them and a certain unit; consider it a limited interpretation of the GBA endings. There are also additional supports written by a very wonderful team.

I personally think three protagonists would have been too much. Besides, this stays faithful to the original Gaiden; though I understand your pain, it’s what keeps fanfiction writers busy.

Thank you. Each pixel artist and their contribution is listed in the first post (beware spoilers), and anything else not listed was drawn by Gamma himself.


Played through the hack and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it. I’d also want to know if hardmode is being worked on, atleast in terms of balancing

Not anymore to my knowledge. Balancing was done by beta testers and is now considered finished.


Really enjoying the hack so far, feel like the growths could be a bit more forgiving, because Kliff, my sole mage, is practically the only unit that can somewhat put up a fight. Levelling up everyone else didn’t help because their strength and defense never seem to go up.

So, that all makes for a challenge and some grinding, but I’m still having a blast regardless!

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Growths have, in many places, been buffed from vanilla SOV if not kept the same. You can check the growths in-game if you doubt this. Still very sorry you’re having trouble. RNG is a cruel mistress.

I’ve checked my characters growths, and Alm has got the most vanilla FE growths out of everyone but he only gets like one luck or something else after leveling up. While my thief, forgot her name, pretty much gets +1 to most of her stats upon level up.

Edit: That translates to units that are near level ten but only dish out 2 demage to enemies, while Kilff, my mage, swoops in with 16×2.

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And, archers have insane range but they always miss their target? Being inaccurate sort of defeats the whole purpose of having an archer in a game. Accuracy is what they’re known for afterall. Despite all my grief, I can’t stop playing this hack!

Ah. Gaiden Archer problems I’m afraid. Without the archery skills of SOV you’re left with a character that is very hit-or-miss, quite literally.

On chapter 16 currently and I’m losing steam, especially after watching my promoted unit get +1 constitution and… oh wait, that’s all I got. Out of all the stats, I got +1 constitution!

Does promoting a unit do anything besides get you past the level cap?

Promoting works differently in Gaiden, and as such here. Instead of having set boosts it instead pulls up your stats to the base stats of the class, so it’s not entirely a bad idea to promote as early as possible.

Are the exp gains lowered after promotion?

They actually tend to go up compared to the exp gain if you’re past promo level in the base class.

Sweeeeet! Ready your blessings Mila!


in chapter 29A, the woman that gives Alm the speed ring… with the same color hair as him, is that his mother?

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Your assumption is entirely correct. It’s a reference to the Drama CD.

Please say “hi” to my Rodney in the “hellion” house. :sparkling_heart:

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