[FE8] Sacred Echoes [44 Chapters Playable, Act 4 Beta Available]

I would love to playtest as I just started FE2 and FE15 and I saw the FEE3 vid! Keep up the good work, I’m dannyquil#3159

Dude,please hurry up,give me the patch, I wanna play it…


If you need any help playtesting hit me up SardaoDaNoite#9124

I, also, would like to playtest this hack. However, you didn’t give your Discord contact information.

I’m interested in trying to make maps if needed. I’m still an apprentice but I hope to get better over time.

I’d be open to helping with map making when I have the time but my own project can be demanding especially with what little time I have.

This looks so awesome! I would love to test the game, my discord is Blader Dj#9527

This looks really interesting and I would like to help playtesting
My discord is alphalogan#0407

Progress is coming along - I’ve been rearranging the world map to allow the Thief Shrine to be replayable any time after Silque’s join chapter. World map shenanigans are a big pain and a lot of uncharted territory (heh).

This opens the way for me to update some of the promotion mechanics so that units must promote at a Mila statue (instead of anywhere - sorry, no more promoting Gray on turn 1!), plus adding some indicators of when a unit is ready to class change (pop-ups on level-up, icon in the status screen).


Axe user? Yes or No

Barons will have axe access (and possibly Armor Knights depending on how playtesting goes), and I’m considering giving Atlas some alternate promotion options including some axe infantry classes.


Ah… At last

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Hey im a big fan of this project, and im trying to make my own hack and I was wondering if I could use a few of the portraits or sprites (this implies that I am going to credit the artists)


I too am interested in the portraits

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The portraits are all custom made by me and I would prefer not releasing them to the public until the hack is complete.

The soldier and sword!Ephraim (temporary Alm) battle animations are free to use, and can be found in the Animation Repository.


Any tips for how y’all did the Leather shield passive stat buffs?

I swear I saw it before but I can’t find it again, so thought I’d ask the people who I know are using it.

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I used Venno’s Passive Stat Boosts patch for that. Just enable weapon ability byte 0x80 on the item you want to give passive boosts once you’ve installed the patch.


Thanks dude. While on the topic, y’all thinking about adding weapon-based skills like Sunder or Tigerstance and stuff like that?


I don’t currently plan on having skills of any kind in this hack, but that may change depending on how playtesting and balancing goes.


I made an account simply to say a few things. FIRST, this hack is INCREDIBLE looking. It has that FE7 FE8 charm, whilst also staying true to my former favorite fire emblem game Gaiden and to its remake (which now has claimed exclusive rights to that title of ‘best game’). However, the changes you made were CERTAINLY for the better, such as the way you handled the thief shrine. If all of the redone maps are of the quality that we’ve seen so far, I certainly want to play this finished hack, (nay, I NEED to play it if that is the case.) That being said, the SECOND thing: I’d LOVE to playtest this game. I’m not a hacker (though I’ve tried many times unsuccessfully to get into the hobby,) though I AM a massive Gaiden and Echoes fan, so I have every intention of helping if you would allow it.

Hit me up on discord, I’d love to help with playtesting.

-Overlorddystroy#7806 (That’s my discord)

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