FE8 - Reverse Weapon Triangle

While I was working on my hack together with a friend, he told me that lately hacks get so extravagant that sometimes the concept of “sometimes less is more” is forgotten.

In part I agreed with him, and from that comment this small and simple hack was born.

Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones (USA, Australia).emulator

As its name says, this hack only consists of completely inverting the Weapon Triangle. The story and mechanics were left intact. The only potential changes I made were:

  • The names of the Reaver Weapons have been changed to match the new weapon triangle.

  • Swordslayer became Lanceslayer, and is now effective against Soldiers, Recruits, Knights, Pegasus knight, Wyvern rider and Wyvern knight (I decided not to let Ephraim suffer from effectiveness to avoid unpleasant Game Over scenarios)

  • And finally the advantage and disadvantage of the Weapon Triangle became +20/-20, to encourage more respect for it.

That’s all, I hope you enjoy this simple concept.


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