[FE8] Restore Effect Improvement

I was working with the Status Expansion patch and noticed that Restore can also remove benefical statuses introduced in that patch (Regen and Haste) as well as the old ring statuses (I’m not sure if that also happens on vanilla, I haven’t checked)

This wouldn’t be a big issue because nobody would use that staff to remove those status… unless it’s an AoE staff.

Some time ago I found the code for a AoE Restore called Alleviate Staff (From JP Hack, code made by @Pikmin1211 and @Ganzapy), but it had the issue of removing the good satuses, so I had to write some code to prevent that.

(Ignore the MSS, I have to change that)


The code for the Alleviate Staff is included, but if you only want the improved effect then you just need the TryAddUnitToRestoreTargetList.s
ItemRangeFix is required.

This was made with the Status Expansion hack, probably you’ll need to change some lines to make it work with the vanilla routine.

With some modifications you can make a tier system, just like in some Final Fantasy games, in which the base Esna (A magic spell that removes altered status) can only remove the most basic statuses and in higher tiers removes more or all statuses.

It can also be used for the opposite purpose and make a staff that removes benefical statuses on opponents.

For that I think you’ll have to modify the TryAddUnitToRestoreTargetList.s and change this

ldr			r2, AreUnitsAllied
mov			r14, r2
.short		0xF800
lsl			r0, #0x18
cmp			r0, #0x00
beq			End

for this:

ldr			r2, AreUnitsAllied
mov			r14, r2
.short		0xF800
lsl			r0, #0x18
cmp			r0, #0x00
bne			End

and then change the list of statuses on which it won’t work on.

I only tested it with a few statuses, but I think it works well, if someone finds a bug I’ll try to fix it.


Btw, AoE staves are not to be confused with my AoE hack, which can require and deplete staves and also restore status for an area of units (and it does not remove good statuses).

Cool stuff!


Hi, for the record you probably pulled Alleviate from JP Hack since that is exactly what I called it. Part of that code was by me and part of it was by Ganzap if you needed to credit it. Cheers


I used some code from the JP Hack for reference long ago but didn’t remember, and when I tried to find it here the only Restore related code was Ganzap’s, but it wasn’t the same code that I had.
Thank you for reminding me, I updated the post with the proper credits.