[FE8] Removing the status effect turn counter

Does anyone know where I can find the turn counter the stat screen uses for negative statuses so I can remove it? (for the ever-fun FE5 infinite statuses)

In each character struct is where each status byte is stored. This byte bitpacks the status ID and the duration.

0x30	Byte	Lower order nibble is status, higher order nibble is status duration

If you write 0 turns, it should be infinite.

use “AddEvent: Set Unit Status”.

Wrirte RAMUnit->0x30 to 0x01

The unit will be poisoned forever.

0x01 represents poison.

0x00  None
0x01  Poison
0x02  Sleep
0x03  Silence
0x04  Berserk
0x05  Attack (ring)
0x06  Defence (ring)
0x07  Critical (ring)
0x08  Avoid (ring)
0x0B  Stone

The turn is specified by the upper bits.
If 0x31 is specified, poison will continue for 3 turns.

The turn must be 5 turns or less.
If the turn is 6 or more, it will break.

And if you set it to 0 turn, it will be infinite.
This is to release the state after 1 turn.
Therefore, if 0 is set, it becomes infinite.