[FE8] Removing S rank limits

So… is there a way to remove the S rank limits? the thing that allows you to only reach S rank to only 1 weapon, I really wanted to max out my amelia’s lance rank and ross’ sword rank, ewan’s anima and staff rank, and l’arachel’s staff rank. so can anyone could teach me how to remove this limit (preferably with a simple program like nightmare) or be nice enough to do an .ips patch remvoing rank limits?

I am no hacker but i think in fe 6 u can s rank in multiple weapon, hope that help

to quote the glorious Tequila “go to 0x2C150 in your fe8 rom, and change it to 11 E0”


oh… i thought it wouldn’t involve that 0x245918239285989123489123845198912 stuffs… uhhh… so how do i go to 0x2C150?

just open up your rom with FEBuilder since it has a built-in hex editor

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If you can wait till Friday I’ll skip the class editor for a week and make a picture guide for how to navigate FEBuilder’s hex editor. With that said, it’s not all that difficult to get a handle of with a little trial and error :slight_smile:

umm… i used the search to direct me to 0x2C150 and it directed me to 1 place, when i modified it, directed me to another place, so i overwrited the first one. nothing changed at all
EDIT: this is also my first time using hex editors… i probably screwed something up. and also read no tutorials on how to use it. thank god i had a back up.

I’ll do a video tutorial later tonight. It’s really not that hard
Edit: https://youtu.be/Yt7p2IgAaCk

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I added a patch from Ver 20180601.21.

NAME.en=Removing weapon S rank limits
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This will make it easier to do this since not a lot of people have experience with Hex Editors, thank you my dude
Jesus 77, stop making my tutorials obsolete :sob:

The usage of hex editor is versatile, so it should not be obsolete.
In doing rom hack, it is better to know hex editor, hexadecimal number and little endian , pointer as base knowledge.


I was saying that as a joke. A lot of people, with the creation of tools such as Builder, are getting into hacking not knowing the importance of Hex editing through a legitimate editor, so it’s always nice, at least in my eyes, to show them the alternative choice of doing their edit of choice in a hex editor

Made a probably over-informative text-guide despite ya’ll being far more helpful than me. Hopefully this can help if you ever want to use the FEBuilder Hex Editor in the future or want to know some more about hex from one place. Your answer’s at the very end, but it’s unnecessary now anyway :slight_smile:

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Just gonna say, some people learn better through text as they don’t have an annoying edgy teen explaining shit and stuttering every thirty seconds. Regardless, Gonna go ahead and Drop the bookmark on that just incase I need anything important. I’m assuming you have important offsets listed too (Weapon triangle, Important Graphics like CGs and Weapon Icon locations) for those who have yet to personally document them? If not, that’d probably be a good thing to add.

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Always good to have a multitude of options for a more personalized learning experience :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you have important offsets listed too

I don’t, actually, although that might make for a really good (nonFEBuilder) followup post. I know I’ve gotten frustrated in the past when trying to google-fu offset info and coming up empty-handed. Think I’ll do a deep dive through the docs and make the next three posts about useful offsets for each ROM and what one can do with them. Thanks for the idea!

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