[FE8] Removing/avoiding the route split? And a World Map question

Probably another easy question, but I checked every thread I found with mention of the route split and havn’t answered it yet. Also I’d ask on the discord but sadly as of this post, I don’t have PC access. So I’m aware that FE8 more or less has a mode pointer that it uses to determine who is the main charecter(lord)/ which route to advance to. My question if i wanted to just ignore the split entirely, could I just remove the event that pops the menu up entirely, or would I need to do something like make it so no matter your choice you only go one path/mode?

Like FE green patch kinda, where regardless if you pick 1 or 2, you play the same game. For my hack I plan to only have 1 main charecter/lord, so i don’t really need two modes(though as I’m typing this I got an idea for a hack I can do afterwards that might work with it).

I guess since I’m here I may as well ask my other question I have atm. If I completly remove the WM(World map), from FE8 and only transition from Chapter to Chapter, that won’t break anything right? Since I dont really want to, nor need, to use the WM.

I know at least for early chapters Staff of ages(name drop), does it and it seems to work fine. I’m just curious can it break anything important,doing that?

Ok so I did find some info on WM stuff, so I kinda get what to do, but any answer to that is still welcome.

Void’s blitzarre adventure stays on the same mode for the entirety of the game and has no world map, and there isnt any problem

Ah ok, I never finished nor touched Voids Blitzare adventure, so i didnt know that. Just figured I’d check it wont break the game in two. Thanks.