FE8 - RE6 (Port FE6 [FE8 Engine])

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Right now, it has five playable chapter, from chapter 1 until chapter 5; but with the worst AI (only in the enemies).



It will be necessary to recreate this, but IDK how to do that. (The squares pink and blue).
I tried a lot of things and nothing works. All other things are ready how the start event, the end event, chests, and doors.

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If we ignore the previous problems with the six chapter, that chapter is complete; also the chapter seven.

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Double chapter finished, chapter 8 and 8x.

Now I will work in the chapter 9.


So then that’s not a port. First finish a vanilla port and then add those things after you are done.

Friend, that idea was deleted. Right now I’m working in a Vanilla Port. Maybe I retake the idea in a possible Plus version.

Hey this is awesome! My opinion is: it is great that you add stuff. If anybody want to play the vanilla version, well, that already exist, they are free to play it FE6 the way it is. If you are adding stuff taking advantage of FE8, go on, why not?

For now, I only leave things that previously were added in vanilla how Promotion Branch


No that’s not the thing. The Port would be useful to apply SS exclusive Hacks to Vanilla Fe6. Let’s Say skill systems ain’t patchable in FE6. So we would need a exact copy of FE6 but on Fe8’s Engine so that Fe8 ASM could be used.

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I’m trying to create an exact copy, for now, is going well.

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I needed it, because “Cath (Blinks)” created by Shin19, was not working, the mouth movement no stop of flickering in FEB; then I had to edit “Cath (FE8 Colors)” by unknown artist (the folder in the Repository no have artist) for add the blink eyes.
Original Credits: Unknown, Shin19.

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Right now, I have some notices would like give you.

  • Thanks @Markex133 for help me with with quotes from villages and houses from chapter 1 to chapter 8.

  • The Chapter 6 now is completly finished.

  • Besides the Chapter 9 is finished.

  • I need a person what could help me set a good AI all enemys from chapter 1 to chapter 9 (including chapter 8x). (If you want help me with this, join you to server of Discord and say me that you want help me with the AI)


Time ago a person offered to work with the AI, so we need people that are interested in try the actual progress. If you want to try our first patch join our Discord Server.

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