FE8 - RE6 (Port FE6 [FE8 Engine])

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Eya, i have been Working a bit on the quotes.
Now it goes from Chapter 1 - 7
Also, i’ ve done the modifications you suggested.

I’ ll modify the original Dropbox Link, so you can access to it.


I have updated the topic where all the links are in post 9.

PS: Soon I’m going to add a “Version History”.

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Incredible continues like that I already checked it and the truth is pretty good I don’t want to sound annoying but could you put the conditional texts first (like the one of Chad that visits the village first his text and later if any other character visits it), and mention the type of face of the character of the house or village (visiting character, I specific character or if it’s an old man, an adult, a child more or less something like that) since in the rebuild the portraits are not in the same order.


No need to worry man, if thats makes the work easier for you, i’ll make the changes with pleasure.
Next time i work on this i’ll apply them.

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Hey friend, I have thought may I can yes add that second class before getting the Binding Blade, I found an animation unfinished for when get the Binding Blade (somebody or I will have to animate and ask for permission), and other finished for it for second class (that lack the unarmed animation).

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Right, I have updated the file RAR and UPS now you can play the second chapter but without world map events for the second chapter (I ask forgiveness for this, I still don’t understand correctly how works the world map events).


So is this a direct port of vanilla FE6 in FE8 or is it your own version of FE6 in FE8?

It is the most attached to Vanilla only with very small improvements but they are very light, only the “princesses” (Guinevere and Lilina) have new class this just to highlight them from others apart Roy I want something new because I do not like that the animation in their promotion is basically the same as in its base class, itself is Vanilla.
Although if this bothers, I do it directly the same as Vanilla.

Ah I see, sounds interesting :+1:

Also if I finish it fast I will make a Plus Version in which I will include the skills system and other things.

By the way thank you @Markex133 for getting the house and village quotes.

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A new little update.

PS: The next update will late to come because of the lack of very palettes and fix the bosses, I’m going to work on this, and late you have the next update with the third chapter playable.

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Eya, I applied the changes you asked for.
The link is in the same place.
Next time i´ll do more chapters.

Awesome, man. Thank you for your work.
If you update, you notification me for a private message.

I have updated now Chapter 3 is playable.

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I updated the project


Well I edit the first because continue with my attempt of this Port, join the Discord if you wanna help or see what is happening with this project


See this are the characters with their official names (from Heroes), each have his/her growths and death quote employment (well a little exception of Roy is need improvement it).
Now only left some class, and the data from all bosses for continue the story.
character00 character01 character02

Seeing “Nimue” reminds me of the incompetence of the FEH localisationteams.

I Know, I Know, I meet that character as Niime.
But if in a future all want I use the original Names I don’t have any problem.